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Instagram Copies Snapchat (Again) and Facebook Puts a New Twist on Video Metrics. All that and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Instagram Replicates another Snapchat Feature

If you have been keeping tabs on what features Instagram is rolling out to compete directly with Snapchat, you can add the latest direct messaging feature updates to the list. Disappearing videos and photos are now available and will show up in the same thread as text conversations. Just like Snapchat, the former can be viewed a second time and if a screen shot is taken by the receiver, the sender is notified. It’s been less than a year since Instagram duplicated Snapchat’s Stories. I’d say they are moving pretty quickly in their attempts to drown out the competition and this latest move has apparently taken its toll on Snap Inc.’s stock price.

Facebook Adds More Video Metrics

Facebook announced five new video metrics in page insights. They’ve added aggregate video views for a page instead of just individual video views and they are simplifying aggregate video views by just including 3-second views (eliminating 10-seconds). Facebook is also allowing performance metrics over a specific time period to include all videos instead of just those uploaded during that specified time period. For more context with analysis, they are incorporating comparisons between current video metrics and historical benchmarks. And they also added a feature that sorts video over a selected time period by minutes viewed or views. Whew. That’s a lot, but great news for those of us thirsty for more video insights.

Twitter Expands Measurement Partners

In efforts to help marketers measure video viewability and verify audiences, Twitter announced new and expanded partnerships this week. Moat and Integral Ad Science are in place to ensure video ad units on the platform are viewed by humans and compare video ad viewability and attention metrics across channels. The good news; Moat has measured video impressions on Twitter and detected that among those, 99% are viewed by humans. In addition, ComScore and Nielsen are enlisted to ensure that the ads purchased are delivered to the intended audience. These metrics matter to advertisers. With the amount of dollars spent on social advertising, $1.3 billion this year projected on Twitter, it’s imperative that ad dollars are not going to waste. We call that #ButtonedUp.

That’s a wrap for this week. Enjoy what is left of it and have an amazing weekend.

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