Social You Should Know: Twitter Hacks and What It Means For You

Mobile Phone Marketing? Please, That’s so January 2013…

Just as we fine tune our response to the proliferation of tablet and cell phone usage in how we plan and execute social media marketing for our clients, along comes Google Glass, which threatens to disrupt the smartphone business, the advertising business, location-based services and, potentially, social media marketing. This article makes you think. And if it’s not Google Glass (admit it, they do look dumb), it might be the Apple watch. How people react socially on these devices is the next big question we’ll all soon need to think about. (As a side note, only Google has the guts to run a contest where the winner gets to fly themselves to New York and pay $1,500 to get the glasses.)

Twitter Hacks and What It Means for You

This week, the Internet was abuzz when first Burger King and then Jeep’s Twitter accounts were hacked. Jeep is our client and we’re pleased we got the account fully back in our control in under an hour. We do have some good tips on our site for avoiding these hacks. Still – despite following all best practices – someone managed to hack a way in. Which goes to show that – even though Twitter monitors their systems for intrusion – you should always follow these best practices and have your community managers monitor you accounts…at least until this spate of hacks subsides.

Social Media ROI: 6 Ways to Measure in the Real World

On Wednesday at 2pm EST, I’m hosting a webcast with Tom Webster, VP of Edison Research (and a very smart, very thoughtful guy) on practical ways to analyze the return on social media marketing. It’s free and I encourage you to attend. I get a lot of questions on social media ROI and I’m looking forward to chatting about my thoughts and Tom’s. We’ve thought a lot about it, but there’s still a lot of progress to be made in this area in 2013, so I hope to both teach and learn. I hope you can join me from your desk.


Finally, if you’ll be at SxSW two weeks from today, please come to the 4th Annual Ignite Social Media Party at Molotov. RSVP here before tickets run out.

See you there?


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