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Social You Should Know: A Facebook Bug Means Good News For Social Marketers…

A big mistake by Facebook revealed this week is good news for those of us using Facebook to reach our fans, so let’s get right to it.

Facebook Fixes Bug that Undercounted Impressions

Remember all those concerns about Facebook changes that had impressions plunging? According to Facebook, that’s at least partially because of a bug on their side. When they re-released their mobile apps in December, they forgot the code to count some mobile impressions in Page Insights. Oopsy. According to PageRank Checker, using 1 day of “fixed” data, the increase will deliver between 7% and 22% more reach, depending on your page size. We’ve run our own analysis based on 5 days of “fixed” data for our clients and found the increase to average ~20%. This is big news.

Real-Time Marketing Faces Industry Critique

When Oreo got huge buzz during the Super Bowl for their update about dunking in the dark, the phrase Real Time Marketing was on everyone’s lips. Now, less than a month later, with the Oscars now behind us, some are already criticizing brand’s efforts in real time marketing. As others look at it, they wonder why Oreo stood out while many Oscars efforts did not. One reason? Oreo’s response was unexpected and therefore delightful. The Oscars efforts, some argue, were predictable and therefore far less delightful. Bottom line: fans respond best to real content and least to stuff they feel is predictable and sanitized.

Social Media Advertising Now 10% of Digital Ad Budget

According to new data from Technorati, brands now spend 41% of their digital advertising budget on display, 19% on search, 14% on video and 10% on social media advertising. Of that 10%, 57% of it goes to Facebook, while 13% each goes to YouTube and Twitter. 64% of marketers are increasing their paid ad budgets in 2013 for social. I’m glad that social has growing credibility, but I personally believe that a much higher percentage of that ad budget should be taken from ads and used toward organic promotion. It returns better business results.

Another interesting week in social media marketing is almost behind us. Have a great weekend.

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