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Snapchat was the original disappearing message network but they are consistently adding features that move away from that. Meanwhile, Facebook is moving toward disappearing messages. Go figure…

Snapchat Starts Storing Messages While Facebook Tests Disappearing Messages

Some Snapchat content is great, which can make it a little sad that it’s gone 24 hours later. To fix that, Snapchat first created 24-hour Stories, and then they allowed people to save Snaps to their phone camera roll. Now they are rolling out Memories, in which users can add a Snap not only to their story, or to a specific list of friends, but also to Memories, where Snapchat will store it. On the flip side, Facebook is testing “Secret Conversations” in Messenger. Rather than running through FB servers, these messages are encrypted and delivered directly to your contact. Which equals better security for you and Facebook can’t be obligated to turn over these messages by a court, as they don’t actually have them. Two very different approaches…

$1 Million Twitter Moments Not Selling, But Snapchat Lenses Are

Digiday reported that Twitter’s big push to sell promoted Moments has fizzled in just six months. Twitter actually wanted $1M for them but didn’t provide advertisers with any information on impressions or engagement. Apparently the dollars are switching to Snapchat’s custom lenses. Adweek tracked 14 brands buying these lenses in these last 5 weeks, which sell for $275,000 to $750,000 each, depending on the day. Snapchat is also no doubt benefiting from their momentum when compared to Twitter, who’s growth has stalled.

Ghostbusters Snapchat Lense

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Are You Chatbot Literate? If Not, We’ve Got a Free Webinar for You

Just in the last 2.5 months, over 11,000 chatbots have been launched on Facebook Messenger alone. You can message a bot to order flowers, help you figure out how to get out of a parking ticket or even order from Taco Bell. But not all user experiences have been pleasant. Find out how your brand might use chatbots in a free webinar we’re hosting on July 20 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Even if you’re booked at that time, register today and we’ll send you the recording. When your boss asks you what your brand’s chatbot strategy is, you should have something to say.

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