Snapchat Partners With MTV While Facebook Makes “Big Plans” | #SYSK

Snapchat Partners With MTV for VMA Nominee Announcements

The MTV Video Music Awards always have a reputation for generating headlines (both good and bad), and this year was no exception. MTV became one of the first brands to utilize Snapchat choosing to announce their star-studded list of VMA nominees via the “disappearing” photo app. While this is a great way for MTV to increase its Snapchat engagement, those who missed it were able to view the same announcement clips via Vine and Instagram (as they did last year). The question still lingers though, will other award shows, or other brands, follow suit?

Does Facebook Have Big Plans for Instagram?

Instagram users encountered an interesting message this week while scrolling through their feeds. Now one of the top questions on everyone’s mind is “what is Bolt?” Many speculations have been made about Facebook going after Snapchat again with what could possibly be a new one tap photo messaging app, but others have pointed out it could be part of Facebooks Install Ads. Either way, Facebook has only announced that there are big things planned for next week, maybe Bolt will be another addition to the four messaging apps Facebook already features.

Facebook Mobile Ads Increase Revenue

Fueled by strong demand for mobile advertising, Facebook extended its hot streak in the second quarter, gaining on its chief competitor, Google, and positioning itself as a top player in digital advertising. The giant social network scorched analyst estimates for the ninth straight quarter. Facebook grew revenue 61% and more than doubled second-quarter profit while making even more money from ads targeted at users on mobile devices, sending shares to record highs in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

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