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Remember Ello?

It’s ba-aack – or at least it claims to be. If you don’t remember this blip of a social network that became the social network of the moment, for literally just a moment, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The app launched with some very basic networking functions like posting statuses and following friends, and swore to never take advertising dollars from brands. But after taking $10M in investments then falling off everyone’s social network radar, Ello has re-emerged this week with a new iOS app andplans to monetize. Still no traditional advertising opportunities available to brands but there’s an interesting e-commerce twist coming for creatives and artisans that might open up influencer engagement opportunities.

Google Trends Gives Us Real-time Search Data

Google Trends has always provided a source of inspiration for content strategies and keyword planning but this week they released an update with even more data sources and most importantly, real-time search data! Now, content creators can use the tool to optimize keywords in real time based on Google search trends. On the heels of Google’s integration of trending tweets into search results, brands now have a tool to help them decide whether to optimize for search or creativity based on the volume of search activity around the topic.

New Revenue Stream for Snapchat Means New Opportunities for Brands

Snapchat is giving brands the opportunity to get creative by opening up sponsorship opportunities via branded versions of geofilters to a few select beta testers. These digital stickers gave SnapChat users another way to express themselves on the channel by decorating snaps, and Snapchat says more brands will be able to get in on the action later this year. An interesting opportunity for brands to get creative, but they’ll need to be careful to provide expression tools, not sales materials, if they want users to play along. While you’re waiting for your opportunity to test, consider these stats about Snapchat users and their behavior on the channel before investing heavily.

Finally, we owe a quick shout out to our friend Katelyn at Lenovo. Her epic tweet chronicling Jurassic World via emojis was featured on Mashable because, hello(!), that’s awesome!

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