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Tough competition for Twitter and Facebook’s latest moves to remove flaws in data. That and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Sina Weibo Creeping Up on Twitter

After China blocked Twitter in 2009, a clone emerged in the form of Sina Wiebo. The platform went public in 2014 and experienced very consistent growth. Here’s the rub in under 140 characters: Twitter is 6 million users away from stepping down in the pecking order. In addition to soon outpacing Twitter’s user base, Sina Weibo is doing one thing that Twitter has been unable to do yet: turn a profit.

Facebook to Improve Data Accuracy

After announcing some flaws in their insights data, Facebook is reworking the platform and striving to provide more accurate data to marketers. One step they announced earlier this month is their commitment to an accuracy verification audit by the Media Rating Council. They are also going to implement third-party verification, a weakness that social ads have previously struggled with when stacked up against digital ads. Facebook is also working to provide new options for buying video ads including the ability to only pay when a video has been watched to 100% completion.

Facebook Trends by Generation

eMarketer published an article earlier this week that examined social buying behavior by generation. Surprise surprise, Millennials and Gen X are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social channels. However, that doesn’t mean baby boomers are not purchasing from brands they follow. In fact, over 50% of Baby Boomer respondents from the cited study indicated they would do just that. Additionally, if consumers, across generational divide, have a positive experience with the brand on social, their likelihood to purchase increases by 14%. The article also examined reasons each generation follows, or unfollows, a brand. Baby Boomers click “unlike” if content is too spammy, Gen Xers might go away if they deem posts too offensive, and Millennials get burned by bad experiences and “annoying” content.

That concludes this week’s Social You Should Know. I hope your weekend is in the third quartile!

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