Q4 Social Media Updates

Q4 Social Media Updates

Now that all the turkeys have been carved and the Black Friday shopping has ended, brands and marketers are in their final Q4 push and are preparing for 2019. Catch up on the latest news from the social media world in with our Q4 social media updates. 
Q4 Social Media Updates

Q4 Social Media Updates


Instagram Expands Shopping

In September, Instagram rolled out product stickers in stories and the shopping channel in Explore. In the latest rollout, they have introduced three new ways to shop in the app. 
  1. Shopping collection, which is similar to the current collections feature, allows users to save products they’d like to eventually purchase through the product tag on a brand’s photo. 
  2. The ‘Shop’ tab on a business profile allows interested buyers to purchase products directly from the page. 
  3. Audiences can now shop in videos on their feed. When users see a video from a brand they follow, they can see highlighted products by tapping the video. 
Users prefer a seamless experience while shopping and it seems Instagram continues to figure out how to best execute this process.


LinkedIn Gets a New Look

LinkedIn has redesigned business pages to improve the experience for their communities. Admins of business profiles can now categorize their own page with hashtags in order to monitor relevant posts coming from their audience and others within their industry. This gives these admins the opportunity to track industry trends and topics so their business can be involved in conversations. Additionally, companies now have the ability to re-share employee’s posts, which can ultimately help with recruitment and positive conversations around the brand. Most notably, businesses can now share public documents via LinkedIn. Powerpoints, PDFs and other formats are now supported so that brands, employers and recruiters can tell their audience a more detailed story about their companies. 


Facebook Tests Keyword Blocking

Facebook users have gotten increasingly more selective about what they want to see in their feeds. Now, Facebook is testing a way to cater to their users. The company is exploring a feature that allows its users to block unwanted words from their personal feeds. This will help users weed out content that they don’t want to have in their feeds. A key feature is that the original poster will not know that someone has blocked their post. Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter do currently offer these features. This has not been officially announced by Facebook, but has been discovered by eagle-eyed users on their personal pages.
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