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Pinterest Shares Future Plans, and Marketing with Snapchat | Social You Should Know

Photos are the theme this week, from Pinterest to Snapchat to the best ways for brands to use them to drive engagement.

Pinterest Adds “Suggested Boards” While Discussing Long Term Road Map

Pinterest has been great for many brands in that its users are actively looking for inspiration around products to buy. This week, Pinterest announced that they are rolling out new “board suggestions” that will give people related pinboards they might like. They are also taking privacy seriously, allowing users to opt-out of all tracking with a single button (try that on other networks). Perhaps even more interesting is this article outlining Pinterest’s roadmap, including their plans for using all that data they are collecting and working to make pins themselves more useable (which has to be code for “easier to buy from”). That could be good for us as marketers.

More Brands Experiment With Snapchat

Snapchat, the disappearing message app, is wildly popular among teens, including my own. There have been a few small marketing efforts on the platform, but this week alone two articles highlighted small brand efforts on the site. Acura sent 100 Snapchat users a six-second video of the prototype NSX “supercar.” I personally find this strategically strange, since tweens rarely buy $100,000 cars (Bieber?), but ok. Unilever in the UK is also experimenting. I agree that it is exploding in popularity, and small tests are good, but it’s got a ways to go to be worth more than mentions in marketing magazines.

All Photo Content Isn’t Created Equal

Our friends at Taggs are building a tool that analyzes visual content and they’ve been uncovering some interesting findings. On Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert site, they did an analysis of whether pictures of brand characters increase or decrease engagement. The findings were mixed, with the Charmin Bears, Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean doing well, but it turns out that the Travelocity Gnome is an engagement killer, along with his friend the Green Giant. On our blog this week he outlined best practices for brands sharing images. It’s worth a read.

Everyone else this week seemed to be all aflutter that Facebook is going to let you embed public posts on third party websites. That’s fine and all, but not earth shattering to me. Am I missing something?

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  • rachel
    Posted at 04:57h, 13 August

    love Pinterest, some very eclectic images are now available and also inspirational quotes when one is feeling down on the spiritual side!

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