Pinterest Fading? Facebook Punishing Big Brands? Clever YouTube Marketing: The Week in Review

Here are three things in the social media marketing world that jumped out at me this week.

Is Interest in Pinterest Waning?

Just a few months ago, Pinterest was the hottest site on the planet, but is it starting to fade? Depends who you ask.

L’Oreal’s head of social media got noticed when she said she was “bored” with Pinterest. This comes after two earlier studies showing referral traffic not performing as well as expected., however, shows traffic to the site continuing to rise unabated.

What’s the truth? I think it’s unfolding in front of us now, which is why we’re using Pinterest for some clients but not betting the farm (or big chunks of your budgets) on it just yet. It’s evolving quickly.

Is Facebook Punishing Big Brand Pages to Try To Raise Ad Revenue?

Two strategists at WPP have claimed that Facebook made a change to their algorithm on September 21 that has organic reach plunging 40-50% for large brand pages.

We’ve done some analysis on several of our brand’s pages and we’re seeing a roughly 30% drop after 9/21. So watch for that on your pages.

Do I believe it was Facebook trying to raise ad revenue? It’s possible, but I really don’t think that was the intent. Facebook changes their algorithm all the time and I believe they didn’t know this would be the consequence of it.

When big brand pages are your only “real” source of revenue, to infuriate them intentionally would be dumb. I would guess that more changes will come soon.

Clever YouTube “Viral Video” by Trident

Most brands trying to create “viral videos” fail.

But this new video from Trident features comedy duo Rhett & Link singing Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” 198 times in row (condensed to under 5:00 minutes). They literally singing it “all night long.” Very clever.

So often, when brands think about “viral videos” they lead with the product, but really good promotions take another approach. I blogged about the steps to Hack YouTube for Social Media Marketing Success a few months back. Maybe worth a read if you’re curious, but definitely watch the video (below) either way. Good thought starter.

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