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Pinterest Analytics “How To”

Now that Pinterest Analytics is available to business accounts, what do you need to know? The good folks at Social Media Examiner put together a nice tutorial on how you can get data on your Pinterest Profile, Audience and Activity from Your Website. You can also filter the data based on data source, so you can see how Android Phone users might differ from general web traffic. Give it a try.

How Brand Marketers View Social Media

Did you know that 97% of brands are now using some form of social media marketing? Forrester research of 2,800 marketers (including 160 of whom have revenue over $1 billion) found that nugget. This great infographic goes beyond that, however, to share that 88% still struggle with measuring ROI. 58% of marketers said that original written content is the most important form of content. Check out those facts and more here.

Yo Dog, Facebook is Building Facebook Inside Facebook

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Facebook is working on a new app with the codename “Moments” that will, in theory, allow people to much more easily share content on Facebook with smaller groups of people. Yes, Facebook already has lists and it already has the ability to designate specific people to get an update, but they are both a hassle. If Moments works, then people will not only be able to share more easily, but then Facebook can prioritize that content as it should be highly relevant to users. Could be a win-win.

As an ending note, Facebook announced a change to its algorithm to show more relevant content. Well overdue! Read here on how this could impact the performance of your brand page.

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