New Rules for Facebook Impressions; Twitter Helps Teams | Social You Should Know

Facebook Changes the Rules on Organic and Ad Impressions

At one point, not too long ago, the new rule was to use photos to get organic reach. Apparently all marketers listened to that advice, so Facebook felt there were too many pictures. They’ve now changed the algorithm so pictures are now the worst way to get organic reach. Number one now: video… for now. Facebook is also working to counter other platforms like Google who report that over 50% of ad impressions are never viewable. Facebook now says they won’t charge for an ad unless someone actually sees it.

Teams Running Twitter Accounts Get Some Relief

If you’re managing a Twitter account with help from other community managers, Twitter is finally helping a bit. The new Team tool is built in Tweetdeck (which Twitter bought some time ago). One person keeps the password and authorizes other Twitter accounts to post from the branded handle. At Ignite Social Media, we rarely use Tweetdeck for posting, so it won’t help us much, but it may well help other teams quite a bit.

Trying to Reach the Hyper-Affluent? Digital and Social Lead

New research from Ipsos Media shows that the 3-4% of the population, with at least $250,000 in household income, favor using the web for finding and buying luxury goods. 83% of those who bought luxury goods in the last year did so online and 44% agree that they “really enjoy talking about my favorite luxury brands with others.” These customers have increasingly high expectations about their experience with luxury brands online, so don’t fall behind.

Lastly, Snapchat dismissed a $3b offer from Facebook. This week they are reportedly looking at a $19b valuation. Pinterest isn’t far behind, reportedly raising funds at an $11b valuation. Those are some big dollars, but money follows eyeballs.

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