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Facebook Announced Local Awareness Ads

While Facebook is positioning its new Local Awareness Ads (launching in the US sometime in the next 3-4 weeks) as an opportunity for local businesses, this new ad format would allow any brand to reach their target via mobile Facebook ads when a user enters a pre-determined area surrounding an address. It presents an interesting opportunity for retail brands looking to drive foot traffic, CPG shopper marketing teams looking for ways to activate at specific retailers, or any brand looking to reach event go-ers.

Exponential to Marketers: “Millennials” are not a target audience

Covering a recent Ad Week presentation by audience intelligence firm Exponential, Mashable explains how marketers who define their target audience simply as Millennials are missing the mark by generalizing this powerful demographic. It’s absolutely worth the read, along with this specific research on one of the most powerful Millennial sub-groups, the Millennial Mom, who accounts for 46% of Millennial females. (Bonus: Here’s a quite informative infographic summarizing the next audience you might want to target: Generation Z.)

Coming Soon! Snapchat ads

The network that has been very cautious and slow about offering up any sort of paid advertising model for brands to reach its 100+ million users but, this week, Snapchat’s CEO confirmed the upcoming release of a new ad product. We also found out that brands will not be able to target these ads and users would have to opt-in to see them. Can’t wait to see the results on this one…

And since it’s October (can you believe it?!!) — Have you finalized your social plans for holiday yet? Consider these four questions before you do.

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