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Facebook is adding a shopping channel to the social network, Google has new results for custom audience matching for ads and Snapchat’s shuttering its own content channel, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Adding a Shopping Section

Buy buttons are all the rage, but Facebook is trying to go a step further with “Canvas,” a new ad experience that lets people shop easily within Facebook before pushing them over to the retailer’s website to buy. This complements the Buy button. The devil is in the details on these things and if you’d like a closer look at how Twitter’s buy button works with Shopify, this post is a solid quick walk through.

Google Match Outperforms Facebook, Dominates Twitter

New research showed on 357,000 email addressed showed that Google matched 50.4% of them, meaning targeting ads to those folks throughout the web is possible. In this test, Facebook matched a few less (48.99%) and Twitter only matched 10.2%. As emails are increasingly valuable as retargeting tools, these percentages are important.

Social Media Webinar Sponsored by Staples and Score 

Last week I presented a webinar sponsored by Staples and Score focused on simple and affordable social media tactics for small business. In case you weren’t able to catch it live, feel free to watch the on demand event at your convenience.

Finally, in the “producing content is hard” category, Snapchat announced they are closing Snap Channel, their original short-form content home and laying off the staff.

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