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#HashtagHotel Trends 8 Times, for Locked Account

Imagine a brand making its account private (so only followers can see their tweets) and then hosting a 24-hour, round the clock Twitter party, exclusively for followers. That’s exactly what we did for our Club Carlson client and the results were outstanding. Club Carlson is the loyalty program of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group (Radisson, Country Inns & Suites, etc.) so the loyalty and “club” feel made sense. The results? 70% growth in followers in advance of the party, 11,000 uses of the hashtag, 14M impressions and trending nationally 8 times in one day

Pinterest Adds “Insights API” to Certain Social Tools

Brands that use Pinterest can get better results if they have better data. That’s the theory (which makes sense) under which Pinterest released their Business Insights API to certain tools, including Salesforce and Hootsuite. With Pinterest representing 41% of all social sharing (for e-commerce sites), this kind of data can help brands sell more product.

Foursquare Splits in Two with Introduction of Swarm

As promised, Foursquare released their new app, Swarm, this week, for iOS and Android. Swarm lets you check in to keep up with friends (much like Foursquare did). Users can get stickers and earn the Mayorship of certain places. Foursquare meanwhile will work on sharing tips to help you discover things based on your location, although that new app isn’t out yet. This is part of a trend we see others, including Facebook, doing. They are breaking their core offering into multiple, single-purpose apps rather than trying to build a single app that does everything. This may make our job as social media marketers even more difficult.

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