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Community Managers Rejoice as Instagram Search Comes to Desktop

Instagram used to be exclusively mobile. It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t even look at Instagram content on a desktop without going to a third party site. Now, Instagram is making their photos larger, allowing people (and brands) to embed Instagram posts on a website and search for content or hashtag use on a desktop. As Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others monetize eyeballs, none of them want to give up the roughly 45% of media consumption done on desktop.


GoPro and Snapchat Offer New Brand Marketing Opportunities

GoPro now has more than 600 videos that brands can license for use in their own marketing. Costs start at $1,000 but go up depending on where and how the brand wants to use it. Revenue is shared with the video maker. Meanwhile, Snapchat rolled out branded geofilters last month with McDonald’s going first, and Nick Cicero shares a number of ideas of how other brands might benefit from this in a post this week. Both concepts blend UGC and brand messages so both have potential to be successful (depending on how marketers use them).


3 Things to Consider Before You Bid on Facebook CPC

As we mentioned here two weeks ago, Facebook has changed their calculation of “clicks” in their “cost per click” advertising. Before brands invest much money in this model, consider these three tips in this article, including other metrics you should look at, how to test and learn, and how to focus on efficiency in your buy. We’ve seen changes in approach drop the cost of advertising by up to 65%, so there’s a lot at stake here.

Finally, I thought I’d share this article, “13 Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts.” Some good stuff in here. I was honored to be included.


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