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We’re talking FTC guidelines on influencer marketing that aren’t really as complicated as they may appear and why now’s the time for your brand to jump on the “Going LIVE” bandwagon, all in this week’s edition of Social You Should Know.

Have You Gone Live Yet?

If you haven’t, it’s time. Facebook is making big moves to take “Going Live” mainstream. They’ve been running a national TV campaign teaching users how to use Facebook live for a couple months now, started pushing notifications every time friends go live, and, just last week, released the new live video feature on Instagram. Facebook has clearly bet big on the Live trend and user behavior tends to follow Facebook’s big bets. If your brand hasn’t embraced live content yet, now’s the time!

Facebook Misses the Mark on Metrics, Again!

For the third time since September, Facebook has said they have been misreporting more metrics. The metrics impacted include: reaction counts on Pages’ Live videos and engagement figures for off-Facebook links. Additionally, Facebook reports it will (needs to) get better at estimating total and daily reach for ad campaigns.

Is Another Influencer Marketing Crackdown Looming?

Earlier this month we saw a big push from special interest groups petitioning the FTC to crack down on campaigns they interpreted to be against the FTC’s guidelines. As we shared, these groups appeared to misinterpret some of the stated guidelines despite advice to the contrary shared by the FTC themselves. Still, it’s left many questioning just how conservatively FTC guidelines on influencer marketing need to be interpreted given the lack of precedent that exists. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the issue.

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