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Instagram Follows in Facebook’s Footsteps | Social You Should Know


This week we see Pinterest testing new features to help recommend even more relevant products to pinners, and new Instagram research shows over 2,500 branded profiles are dropping in follower and engagement rates, all in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Pinterest Adds New Search Functionality

Pinterest is currently testing a new product recommendation feature called “Similar Look.” When users click on a call to action, (“Click on the red dot to see similar looks”), Pinterest will match similar items to that pin based on over 80M clickable objects. Pinterest’s research team found that 12% of users who viewed a pin with this red dot clicked on it, and those users went on to click an average of .55 ‘Similar Look’ results. This feature confirms that Pinterest is getting increasingly serious and sophisticated when it comes to social discovery, putting the heat on more traditional search engines like Google.

Now, You Can Search Pinterest by Clicking on an Object within a Pin Image | Social Media Today

Instagram Follower Growth and Engagement Trending Down

A recent April study of 2,500 brand profiles on Instagram reported that brand channels are reaching all-time lows in follower growth. More specifically, follower growth was down 50% compared to March, and marked the lowest rate since Locowise began analyzing these profiles in April 2015. Engagement also decreased 5.45% from the previous month and was down 62.86% from the previous year. Could these be the early impacts of the new algorithm rolling out, or is the platform beginning to lose its luster? We’ll keep an eye out.

Image courtesy of AdWeek

Image courtesy of AdWeek

Measuring a Return on Influencer Marketing

There’s a new form of native advertising out there that everyone is talking about and it’s influencer marketing. Also known as content marketing, it’s a great way to get your brands content out to a much broader audience in an authentic and relatable way. To find out more about how your company can benefit from your own influencer campaign and the proven ROI of influencer marketing, download Carusele’s new whitepaper on the ROI of Influencer Marketing. Hope you enjoy.

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