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Social You Should Know is all about keeping up with the social media marketing industry. As we end 2015, it’s fitting to share a countdown of Ignite Social Media’s Top 10 blog posts of the year. From Twitter to LinkedIn and Alcohol to Fitness Brands these 10 articles were the ones our readers thought best kept them in the know.

The Most Popular Ignite Social Media Articles of 2015

#10: 5 Tactics on Snapchat that Brands Should Be Exploring, written by Emily Spurlock
From 2011 until now Snapchat has evolved into a platform filled with promise for brands. This article looks at 5 tactics that brands should use to their advantage on Snapchat to acquire users and make them loyal.

#9: Best Practices for Measuring Snapchat Performance, written by Ryan Sweeney
This article discusses Snapchat’s KPIs and best practices as well as the challenges that come with measuring performance on this social media platform.

#8: Avoid Being Catfished: How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile with One Click, written by me,Jim Tobin
Don’t you hate it when you get connection requests from people that seem fishy? This article explains how to use this 1 simple trick to determine if your connection request on LinkedIn is real or fake.

#7: The Pros & Cons of Utilizing Vine Influencers, written by Jessica Bedussi
While Vine is relatively new in the social platform market its success is undeniable. However, its capabilities aren’t perfect for every brand. This article breaks down 3 pros and 3 cons of leveraging Vine influencers for your specific brand.

#6: Why Fitness Brands Thrive on Instagram and Who is Kicking Butt, Literally, written by Carrie Ramsey
This article analyzes the Top 7 athletic brands on Instagram and how they use this market to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for fitness related content on social media platforms.

#5: The Best Brands to Follow on Tumblr, written by Jessica Gaylord
With 226 million blogs on Tumblr how are you supposed to know what to follow? Read this article to find out the Top 5 brands that have crafted successful accounts that make them stand out from the crowd.

#4: Alcohol Brands on Social Media: Meet the Winners, written by Jessica Gaylord
What makes alcohol brands successful in such a competitive social media market? Read this article to find out how Crown Royal and Jose Cuervo, among several others, are dominating on different social media platforms.

#3: Advertising on Snapchat: What Can We Learn from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?, written by Kailee VanDamia
This article uses learnings from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to discuss how up-and-coming social media platforms can add to their revenue stream via advertising without losing users.

#2: 4 Snapchat Stats Marketers Need to Know, written by Lisa Braziel
This article takes a look at what motivates users to stay active on social platforms and summarizes the four main statistics marketers need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to be active on Snapchat.

And the #1 blog post from Ignite Social Media for 2015 in terms of page views, written by our very own Derek Roessler, is:

#1: How to Get Verified on Twitter
If you’ve been on Twitter you’ve seen those elusive blue and white verification badges on some of your favorite entertainers and politicians and you’ve probably wondered at least once, how do I get one of those? Well this article provides handy Do’s and Don’ts of how to navigate the process of getting a verified account on Twitter.

I hope 2015 has been a successful one for you, filled with learnings. Here’s to an exciting, productive 2016 filled with boldness. Lastly, don’t forget to make your New Year’s resolution!

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