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A week after the news broke that Facebook over-reported video view lengths, they release an updated metric in which average view length can actually be longer than the video itself. Confused? You should be. Read on for more information in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Updates Video Metrics, Continues to Confuse

Trying to recover from faulty reporting, Facebook introduced a video metric called ‘average watch time’. This metric takes the total amount of time that people watched a video and divides it by the number of times the video was played (both auto play or after being clicked). Because of the way Facebook counts a play, it’s possible for a video’s average watch time to exceed the actual length of the video. Facebook is soon to release another metric: Unique Average Watch Time (and corresponding Unique Percentage Watched) that would approximate a video’s average watch time by view. It will be interesting to see if these updated metrics will appease brands, or just confuse everybody.

Report: Influence of a Brand’s Social Presence During the Holidays

Half of those surveyed said a brand’s social presence does influence their holiday purchase decisions, among other factors. 37.9% are most likely to use Facebook and 31.6% are most likely to use Pinterest for holiday shopping ideas/inspiration. Instagram is a distant 3rd at just 6.1% of those surveyed.

Meerkat, The Breakout Star of SXSW 2015, is Officially Done

Meerkat officially closed down and was pulled off of the app-store as of last week. The livestreaming platform that took Austin by storm during SXSW 2015 (we even launched Carusele via a Meerkat stream), fell to the fast followers Periscope (owned by Twitter) and Facebook Live. However, the same makers of Meerkat recently introduced a new chatting app called ‘Houseparty’. Houseparty is a private video chat app for group hangouts. According to the company, Houseparty now has 1 million users, although it enters a crowded field, including FaceTime, Google Duo, Hangouts, Viber and more.

And finally… If you opened a company recently to coordinate incentivized reviews on Amazon, I hope you didn’t sign any long term leases. Amazon banned such reviews this week. As an Amazon shopper, I applaud the decision.

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