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Remember when Facebook pages were a thing and we all built tabs? Well, we’re not quite going back to that, but Facebook has improved the experience for companies for the first time in years. All that and more, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Updates Desktop Page Layouts

If you run a business page on Facebook, you now have new options for the layout. The options include Standard (what we’re used to), Professional Services (with tabs for business details and services), Shopping (with tabs like Shop and Videos), Venues (with tabs like Events), Gaming (with tabs like groups of other fans), Politicians (with buttons to encourage supporters to take action) and Restaurants and Cafes (with a focus on menu, hours, location and call now). Our friends at Social Media Examiner shared this quick how-to post if you want to change yours.

Brand Ambassadors Becoming Increasingly Diverse

Done properly, influencer marketing works. But just as customers aren’t homogenous, neither should be the people making content featuring your brand. You’ve heard of fashionistas, but have you heard of hijabistas? We talked to several Muslim influencers in this piece. You know beauty bloggers, surely, but do you know male beauty bloggers? We also talked to several of these gender-bending influencers in this second article. It’s a real enough trend that CoverGirl hired 17-year-old influencer James Charles as their latest spokesperson. Take a look and ponder: Is your influencer marketing speaking to a wide range of customer categories?

How to Succeed with Video on Twitter

Yo, dog, Twitter wants you to Twitter better video out on Twitter. To that end, they’ve released new data on what makes video succeed on their platform. The key? “Second-wave sharing.” If your video is good enough that a second wave of people shares it, you have a 90% chance of being successful with that video. See several other tips in this article and infographic from Social Media Today.

And finally, what’s the hot new thing in social media this month? Houseparty. My college daughter uses it. So do 1M others, mostly in her demo. Built from the ashes of Meerkat, it’s really taking off. Learn more here.

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