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Facebook Launches a New Social Network | Social You Should Know


This week we see Facebook release a brand new social network aimed at white-collar enterprise workers, proof that Messenger bots are going to be the latest rage (whether we need them or not), and data showing us how many users are viewing Instagram Stories. All of this, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Introduces Enterprise-Focused Social Network, Workplace

Remember those announcements about “Facebook at Work” nearly a year ago? This closed beta has just been opened to the general public now as “Workplace”. According to TechCrunch, this social network is completely separate from Facebook and is going to rival competing services like Slack and Yammer. It will also charge enterprise business $3 per user per month for the first 1,000 users, with pricing reducing to $2 per user for staff within the 1,001-10,000 range. While most features look a lot like Facebook, this is another move Facebook is making to capitalize on “work-networking”.


NBC News Politics Bot Released 30 Days Prior to Election

In case you just can’t get enough election news elsewhere, NBC News just announced they have launched an NBC Politics bot for Messenger. According to NBC News, “in the four weeks leading up to Election Day, the bot will provide curated afternoon editions every weekday, highlighting the best video moments captured on campaign trail with added context for politics hungry users on the go.” Feel free to watch our webinar here if you still need to understand Messenger bots further. While I’ve been impressed with many creative bots, this one is a prime example of one we really don’t need.

New Stats on Instagram Stories

Just two months after the announcement of the new Instagram stories feature, a new report conducted by BuzzFeed announced every day more than 100 million people view Instagram Stories. This is roughly 1/3 of the 300 million people who are on the platform every day. Some are noting this a failure to reach 2/3 of the platform’s audience, however with 100 million daily views, it still seems like a success to me.

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