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Twitter plunked down $10m to broadcast Thursday Night Football games to the world, while Facebook doubled down on Facebook Live in the continuing battle between those two networks.

Facebook Enhances Live with Major New Features

Today, Facebook introduced the ability to go ‘Live’ with certain groups, more interactive features and easier ways to discover more live videos. The most important update is the introduction of a dedicated video hub on the mobile app (center spot in the bottom of the navigation bar—replacing “Messenger” spot) that will categorize videos by topic . Other updates include event and group live videos, topic tagging and live reactions. This, folks, is a big deal, and a major threat to Periscope and a bit of a shot at Snapchat.

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Twitter Gets Thursday Night NFL Game Streaming & New Button for DMs

Twitter secured a big deal with the NFL to provide free, live streaming video of Thursday Night Football, without authentication, to registered and non-registered users worldwide. It also includes in-game highlights from TNF as well as pre-game Periscope broadcasts from players and teams, giving fans an immersive experience before, during and after games. Twitter also added a new button for iOS and Android users to help make it easier to share tweets privately to continue the conversation. When you want to share a tweet via DM, you can just click on the message icon at the bottom and be taken directly to the DM function. This can give brands a more streamlined process for customer service related tweets.

Twitter New Button

Sephora Uses Chat Bot on Kick to Engage with Followers

Chat Bots are a major new player in the message app world as brands try to figure out how to automate conversations. Kik launched its own bot store where developers can create bots that can be accessed within the Kik app. Sephora is using chat bots to engage with fans on Kik. A fan has to start the chat, but after that the bot takes over, asking the fan to take a quiz to better understand their age, product and brand preferences. After that, the bot serves up relevant how-to videos and product reviews. We’ll see more of this going forward, guaranteed.


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