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Will Facebook Stories Get Users to Create More Original Content?

It’s no secret Facebook has been seeing declines in original posts by users on the platform. Taking yet another play from Snapchat, Facebook has been testing Facebook Stories in Ireland. It announced last week it will continue to roll it out globally with Chile, Greece and Vietnam up next. Facebook Stories will put disappearing photos at the top of the mobile app, prominently above the newsfeed. Like Snapchat and Instagram, stories will disappear in 24 hours. Will stories get users to create more original posts on Facebook?

Twitter Users are Tweeting and Watching

Global web index reports that 7 in 10 Twitter users are on social while watching TV, making Twitter users 33% more likely than average to be on a second device while watching TV. Brands should take heed, meaning that content needs to be that much more compelling and thumb-stopping to grab users’ attention.

Twitter Live Streaming

Speaking of Twitter, don’t roll out the casket just yet. This week, they announced plans to expand their Periscope Producer API to allow professional broadcasters the ability to connect directly to the platform for live streaming. Given the use of Twitter for news outlets, this could be a game changer. Stay tuned.

Oh! If you haven’t heard, you can now save your live video from Instagram – you’re welcome.

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