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Facebook moves to improve Custom Audiences while Snapchat continues to evolve heading into 2016. All in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Adds Matching Options to Custom Audiences

Until recently, marketers had limited options when creating Custom Audiences on Facebook. However, this past week Facebook announced that data types have expanded to include: First/Last name, DOB, Gender, City, State/Region, Zip Code & Country (in addition to email address, phone number or mobile ad IDs). These new options are available to advertisers using Facebook Marketing Partners or the ads application-programming interface. Hopefully, these updates will help improve Custom Audience match rates moving forward. If you’re interested in learning how Custom Audiences can integrate into your CRM efforts, check out this blog post.

Snapchat Continues to Evolve

In an effort to appeal more to advertisers, Snapchat has started grouping their audiences by theme. Instead of randomly placing ads across Snapchat, advertisers can now match their content to people using the Discover channels. Even though this is a move in the right direction, Snapchat ads still lack measurement tools to determine success. Here’s hoping that 2016 unveils new updates that help marketers tap into these analytics.

Bring On The Holiday Content

Well, if you’re reading this then you’ve successfully survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday (and ALL that turkey)… but the holidays aren’t over yet. Consumers are up to their ears in holiday content, and some brands are already making headlines. One great example we’ve seen is Honda’s #OpenTheCheer campaign using Twitter Instant Win Cards. If you’re looking to make a splash this season, make sure you first understand what you’re consumers path to purchase looks like as they gear up for holiday shopping.

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