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Both Facebook and Twitter have been futzing around with their interfaces this week, plus we’ve made 9 bold predictions for 2016 that you’re not going to want to miss, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Adds Customer Service Features

Are you one of the 50 million businesses with a Facebook page? Are you one of the 49.999 million not doing a good job answering the 2.5 billion customer comments left there each month? With new updates you can now change your status to “away” during off hours, generate pre-written responses and learn a bit more about who is asking. That’s good. Maybe not so good? You’ll get a “responsiveness badge” that will show how fast your Page responds to people via messenger. However, admins can now control what response time shows publicly on their Page.

Predictions for 2016? Why Go Small?

Everyone’s predicting that video is going to matter in 2016 and that content marketing is going to be big, but what fun is that? We’d rather make the big swings, the wild guesses. (Teaser: One prediction is that Snapchat will die in 2016.). Take a look. Think any of these will come true? (You can’t say we’re not bold.)

Good and Bad Changes At Twitter This Week

Twitter keeps changing, trying to find their recipe for growth. Among the changes? The Good: Photos on Twitter.com will no longer be cropped, saving art directors a lot of resizing time and improving the visual experience. The Bad: Twitter is messing with the chronological timeline and putting tweets in an algorithmic order. Confusion reigns currently, but if this sticks, expect them to eventually lower organic reach for brands ala Facebook. The Ugly thing is not a change, but a fact: Twitter has 320m users, but experts estimate that 1 billion have tried Twitter. Is there anything that can bring back those 680m for another look?

And finally, it turns out that heart emojis get more engagement for brands than music notes, at least on Instagram. Check out the data here.

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