Ello, Atlas and Snapchat are all the buzz | Social You Should Know

“Ello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?”

With apologies to Lionel Richie, the new social network Ello suddenly got a lot of buzz in the last two weeks. Their hook? They will never run ads or sell user data. As I explain to eCommerce Times in this article, that would require following business models seen more often in China than in the US. Doable? Yes. Likely to succeed? No.

Facebook Makes a Brilliant Move with Atlas

Facebook has completed their transition to nothing more than another ad platform, but with Atlas they’re doing it in grand style. Now our Facebook activity will inform ads all around the web. (But, Jim, Facebook activity doesn’t lead to showing better ads, you say. Correct, I say.) The big win may be tracking. Forget cookies, our Facebook IDs will allow advertisers to track us all over the web, which may help with better data on sales funnel and the impact of various ads on sales. Clever.

Snapchat Not in a Rush for Brand Dollars

Snapchat’s growth is very much being noticed by brands. Snapchat COO Emily White, however, says that they’re not in a rush to monetize. “We’re certainly thinking about marketers, but we’re in the early days,” White told attendees at the Mobile Marketing Association. She also noted that more than 50% of their user base is outside the United States.

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