Social You Should Know: CMOs Set to Increase Social Media Budgets

CMOs are increasing social media marketing budgets, Facebook requires new best practices and a couple social networks offer new functionality in this week’s Social You Should Know.

CMOs: 21.6% of Budget Will Go To Social in 5 years

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business released its twice yearly CMO survey, which found that brands are currently spending 8.4% of their marketing budgets on social media. CMOs expect that to increase to a rather shocking 21.6% of their budgets in the next five years. But for the fourth survey in a row, CMOs struggle to integrate social with the rest of marketing. Additionally, CMOs are revisiting how they measure social media success. Full survey here.

Facebook News Feed Changes Require New Photo Best Practices

Friends of mine are now getting the new Facebook News Feed (c’mon FB, when is it my turn?) that puts a heavy emphasis on visual content. But the News Feed also automatically puts text on top of the photo, which could result in a pitcher’s head appearing to be cut off. To avoid this, here’s a helpful guide with safe areas and optimal sizes for Facebook photos.

Both LinkedIn and Facebook Add New Functionality to Feeds

LinkedIn is now allowing people to mention and, as a result, tag both people and companies in status updates. It’s the latest effort by LinkedIn to copy some Facebook features to get more engagement on its site. It appears to be working. But Facebook isn’t exactly resting. Facebook is now rolling out a new feature that lets you say what you’re watching, how you’re feeling, what you’re reading and more. It’s a little smiley face icon next to the photo button. It should drive increased traffic to movie pages, for example, as it links to the movie page if you indicate that you watched it. However, it does not give that page a “Like” for you.

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