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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all made moves last week in the ad space that social media marketers will want to be up to speed on, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Announces New Data Analysis Options for Advertisers

Facebook last week announced five new ad measurement products, all of which integrate with other measurement tools. CPG companies will benefit from being able to partner with Nielsen Catalina and they’ll have access to Oracle’s Lift API. Tracking ROI back to a particular ad should be easier with new integrations with Visual IQ and Neustar, and the app downloads crowd will have their choice of seven new tracking partners. Facebook cited data showing that 49% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital as one reason for the push.

Instagram Making Their Ads More Interactive

Starting in October, Instagram will roll out 4 new updates to their ad product, 3 of which are related to the Call-to-Action button. Specifically, when a user looks at an Instagram ad for at least 4 seconds (or taps the advertiser’s name), the CTA button will be highlighted. Once they open that CTA button, it will show up in the comments as well and, when Instagram detects additional info such as a price or a store rating, it will automatically add it to the CTA button. Finally, for video ads, when people unmute the video, they will be taken to a landing page where the video will continue at the top of the screen. All smart moves in my view.

Twitter Releases New Study on Multimedia Effectiveness

Running a Twitter ad with an emoji? Attention increases by almost 10%, according to a new study by Twitter. Videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3x more likely than GIFs. Photos generated 313% more engagement than tweets without. Tweets with GIFs generate 6x more engagement than basic text updates. Tweets with video generate 9x more engagement than basic text updates. So there you have it, put multimedia in your tweets, people.

And finally, buying things through Facebook chat bots is about to be much easier, as Facebook Messenger will allow payments from stored credit cards directly within the bot. Already, over 30k bots will allow payments.

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