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Best Social Media Marketing of 2014

While we were tremendously honored that Digiday looked back and noted that our client FIAT USA was the #1 brand on social media in 2014 (based on 11 different metrics over a dozen social networks), other brands also did well. Their list of the Top 10 boom and bust brands of 2014 is worth checking out. Not to be outdone, we have our own highlights of the best of 2014, including the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Taco Bell.

Video is the Thing for 2015

Everyone’s talking about video in 2015. Venture Beat says “2015 is video advertising’s breakout year.” Ad Age notes Facebook data showing people posting 75% more videos to Facebook than a year ago. Given the risk involved in producing video (some of it can be very expensive) it will be interesting to see if it drives business results commensurate with the investment. To that end, Google announced this week that they’ll share more data on whether people are actually watching their videos. Watch these results carefully, as Google just announced last month that 56% of the ads they serve are never seen. Ouch. Another reason to invest in real content over ads?

Allstate Scares During Sugar Bowl

You probably saw the campaign. And let’s be honest, it was pretty fantastic. Allstate’s Mayhem character busted into the house of a couple that shared on Twitter that they were at the Sugar Bowl.Mayhem then sold all their stuff on a very real ecommerce site. Clever, clever, clever. But are burglars actually doing this? There’s no data I know of to support this, and burglaries are down 56% since 2004, when social media was beginning to develop. Will social media survive this slander? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will be fine.

Also,as you head into the week, consider the implications of Facebook’s new search efforts. If anyone uses it, it could be a game changer. We’ll see if people do.

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  • Jodi Murphy
    Posted at 12:51h, 27 January

    Videos give you the chance to actually SHOW something, not just be flat and static text. They literally put a face to your brand and connect the humans at your company with the humans you are reaching out to. It’s almost as good as face-to-face communication!

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