13 Social Media Marketing Firefox Addons You Should Be Using

Social Media Marketing can be a very tedious task, and thoroughly time consuming. Firefox addons are a great way to help supplement the exhausting nature of the medium. Just recently Firefox released what it calls “collections”. Collections are groups of add-ons that are submitted by users. There are lots of neat features like the ability to subscribe to someones collections, as well as the ability to easily download and share new addons with friends.

I have compiled a collection of social media marketing add-ons I use that help me in my day to day job as a social media marketer. I have tried to give a thorough explanation of how to use each below. I encourage you to subscribe to the collection set as I will continually update it.


Brian’s Tip: Fireshot is my favorite snipping tool. It has robust functionality with a paid version as well that allows you to quickly take screenshots and upload them to easycaptures.com. I have tested 5+ different firefox addon snipping tools and this is by far the best.

Brian’s Tip: Foxyproxy are for the users out there looking for a little “privacy”. A quick and easy way to switch back and forth between proxies.


Brian’s Tip: If you are like me you have multiple gmail accounts for different social accounts and persona’s. This is a very handy tool that keeps track of all of your log in information and makes it easy to switch between accounts. It even has an import/export feature which makes it easy to move your accounts from one machine to another.

Brian’s Tip: Greasemonkey is invaluable. It opens up your browser to a whole host of other modifications. Visit userscripts.org for a vast array of additional browser mod’s

Brian’s Tip: This is a very handy tool for advanced users that allows you to tame those mundane tasks. Macros give you the ability to replicate common tasks you perform frequently.

Brian’s Tip: SearchStatus allows me to quickly and some what accurately judge the reach of a site, with side by side page statistics such as compete data, alexa, page rank and mozrank.

Brian’s Tip: Shareaholic allows you to quickly submit content to your favorite social bookmarking site. It has an extensive library to choose from, so more than likely your service is on the list. it also shows you vote counts for Digg and Delicious if the story has already been submitted. A handy tool that I use all the time.

Brian’s Tip: Snap links allows you to open up multiple links into new tabs by dragging a green line, with the right click of your mouse, over the links. I use this when perusing news stories and need to quickly open them up into new tabs. One of the biggest time savers in this whole collection.

Brian’s Tip: Social media for firefox is very similar to shareaholic except it does a more thorough and accurate job of finding vote counts on the appropriate social news site. The sites you have to choose from isn’t as large as shareaholics. I would say test both add ons because they both have their pluses and minuses.

Brian’s Tip: Simply put this is the StumbleUpon toolbar which is needed for users who use SU. This is my favorite content discovery site and I encourage to to sign up and use it if you haven’t already.

Brian’s Tip: I have tested lots of different persona / password  storage devices and this is my favorite out of the bunch.

Brian’s Tip: Ubiquity changes how users browse and interact with the web. I would consider this for advanced users. It allows me to easily maniplute and edit a webpage, submit content to social news sites, as well as a myriad of other things. The sky is the limit with this addon.

Brian’s Tip: Zotero is a great way to clip and store web pages and images from across the web for future reference. It has a complex search system with tagging options and categorization. Great user interfaces as well.


I encourage our readers to share other social media marketing related firefox addons below.

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