Why Your Social Media Strategy is Essential to Your Marketing Strategy

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a webinar, “Staffing for Social Success,” where we discussed the trends in roles on social media teams and the common social team structures we see.

As a follow-up to the webinar here are 4 reasons why your social media strategy should be a part of your integrated marketing strategy.


1. Budget Friendly

I’ve been in marketing for 16 years now and I’ve been searching high and low for that client with the endless budget, much to my chagrin, I’ve yet to find it. Despite the rising cost of social ads and promoted posts we’re still finding that social provides a very efficient marketing spend. We’ve seen clients hold steady at a cumulative $.05 CPE and achieve a staggering $.004 CPE (yeah, you read that right) on a video campaign.

2. Test and Learn

Social media can be a marketer’s playground. Having social media at the table as part of the integrated marketing team provides an unprecedented opportunity to test and learn. Facebook in particular is getting smarter by the day – as scary as it may sound – the targeting options on Facebook are out of this world and appear endless. These tools are powerful for testing messages to multiple target audiences while eliminating long lead times and high research costs yet, providing the opportunity to be agile and efficient (there’s that word again). Think of the possibilities: awareness, offers, coupons, web clicks, OH MY!

3. Targeting

I can go on and on about the benefits of targeting on social in ways that just aren’t possible in other mediums, if you have a couple of hours to spare, just give me a call.

4. Reporting

I’m often heard ranting to our teams and clients about how social is held to a different standard of reporting (and returns) than traditional marketing but, it’s fair. There is so much data at our fingertips to help us improve our marketing strategies. To help us QUICKLY learn what our audiences heavy-black-heartand what they pouting-face. We have tons of case studies of social driving engagement, coupon downloads, ecomm traffic and even in-store sales.

Let’s face it, social isn’t free anymore but, it’s driving value for consumers in a cost and time efficient manner. It’s time for social to be more than just a bulletin board for the weekly ad, social deserves to be a part of the greater marketing conversation. If you disagree, let’s chat, I’d love to hear why you think differently.

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