Organish™: How Organic and Paid Social Media Leverage Each Other

One of the most enticing parts of social media is that the conversations are organic in nature, free from certain outside forces. This organic flow leads to the creation of networks where so much can happen. They can foster relationships, invoke emotions, create controversy, build advocacy, and influence decisions, among other things. This happens naturally in social communities, making them similar to other kinds of communities (e.g., neighborhoods, organizations, clubs) except they are happening in the digital space. While some may question a brand’s role in social media, it isn’t really much different than what happens in everyday life. Brands naturally come up in conversation. They sometimes insert themselves, but it’s not uncommon that we talk about them. Here are some screenshots of what pops up when I do a quick search on social for “Beanitos” snack chips:



Aside from the point that I agree with @KristyPidgeon11, these conversations weren’t perpetuated by Beanitos. They happened organically. Subsequently, the content flourished in the social environment gaining likes, comments, favorites and shares. Again, it’s not unlike what happens in offline communities. Someone tells someone else about a great (or not so great) experience with a product or service. Word of mouth. The most trusted form of marketing that exists. You get the picture.

Here is how Beanitos and some other brands are joining the conversation:


It’s not an easy play for brands to join the conversation on social, but respecting the platform’s nature lends itself to great opportunities for brands. Enter paid social media. It’s not an ad buy unless you buy it in a traditional sense. Paid promotion on social media should amplify what already would do well organically. You can’t say that about television, radio, or print. Well, you can but you’d be wrong.

When you amplify what would already do well organically, you have what we call Organish™. More formally, we define Organish™ as follows:  A two-pronged approach to targeting social audiences that combines the power of natural, social media connectivity and efficient paid efforts. Each leverages the other to provide a unique, branded experience that influences purchase behavior.


Placing paid into the mix takes more than just adding a budget against content. That, quite frankly, leads to inefficiencies. Paid promotion in social media takes on a new meaning. It isn’t set or fixed like typical spend. It needs to be flexible and pivot.  It’s the consumer reaction and traction that, for the most part, determine spend. It can be based on different types of engagements in order to pull different levers. The end result is the same in that it impacts purchase behavior including awareness, intent, and conversion.

What’s the takeaway?  Treat content in the social space with some TLC.  Respect the platform and its audience.  Use paid wisely.  In the end, your ROI will thank you.


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