2022 Social Media Predictions

2022 Social Media Predictions

A lot has happened this past year. 2021 showed us both the rise and fall of Clubhouse, accompanied by some major hype around social audio that most people have already forgotten about. Facebook has been the focus of too many headlines to count, from the iOS updates to the Facebook Files to the Meta rebrand. And social commerce has also been top of mind as every major social network has released more shoppable features throughout the year.

2022 Social Media Predictions

Some of these items we predicted last year, while others we did not. But as social media marketers look ahead to 2022 planning, here are several social media predictions that can help guide your strategies.

Social Media Predictions to Guide Your 2022 Social Strategy

  • TikTok Goes Mainstream

This trend has been underway for more than a year, but 2022 will be the year that people realize that TikTok has moved well beyond young people doing dance moves.

  • The Facebook Pixel Is Abandoned by Marketers

While Facebook’s pixel still collects a ton of information, the gaping hole in the data caused by iOS moves and the coming death of the third-party pixel will mean marketers will look for other ways to measure. We’ve already begun implementing the Conversions API (CAPI) with Facebook and have shared several tips based on our experiences.

  • The FTC Finally Cracks Down on Influencer/Brand Disclosure Abuses

The fact that the FTC sent 700 of the largest brands warning letters means they are about to follow up with fines in 2022. Those 700 organizations are now legally on notice. Expect the list to grow beyond 700 and for the first fines to come in 2022. 

  • While Marketers Bore of It, Facebook Will Remain #1 in Terms of Users and Minutes on the Platform

When you talk to marketers, they act like everyone has left the platform. While the shine is off the proverbial apple, it’s still the king in terms of active users and minutes spent on the platform. It wouldn’t be my first choice for chasing trend makers, but it’s still often the best choice for finding an audience.

  • Facebook’s Poor Reputation Will Lead To Regulation and Poor Adoption of New Products, Even if They’re Good.

Congress knows a winning issue when they see it, and Facebook (or all social network) regulation is a political winner. At the same time, as Meta releases new products their own poor reputation will hurt adoption. Reviews of Portal are quite positive, but a lot of folks won’t buy it because it’s a Meta product.  

  • Instagram and TikTok Will Lead the Way in Social Commerce Coming of Age

Now there are more shoppable features across the major networks than ever before. We have seen several trends emerging that marketers should keep an eye on, but most importantly, 2022 could be the year people become comfortable clicking and buying right off the networks.

  • Pinterest’s Long-Term Value for Marketers Will Contribute to Continued Strong Results

So many social metrics are measured instantly. Pinterest competes in the long game, sending traffic to a brand’s website and getting brands in the consideration set long after pins are created. It’s one of the few places where social content has a long half-life, joining YouTube and blogs.

Interested in learning more about any of the items above? Or perhaps you need some help getting your social media marketing strategy in the right place. Either way, contact us and our team of experts can help. You can also keep your social teams in the know about the latest news and trends in the industry by signing up for our bi-weekly newsletter below.

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