2009 Social Network Analysis Report – Geographic – Demographic and Traffic Data Revealed

Its that time of the year again and I thought our readers would be curious how the different social networks have progressed over the last year. Without much surprise there has been significant movement within some of the social networks over the course of the last year. I have highlighted some of the changes below. Remember all insight is gathered from Google Ad planner and Google Insights.


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Badoo.com Domain Search Traffic

Badoo Geographic Data 

Badoo Demographic Data


  • Only significant geographic changes come from increases in Morocco, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia
  • Domain searchers are slightly younger, more educated, and wealthier (more middle income than low income) now than in 2008.


Bebo.com Domain Search Traffic

Bebo Geographic Data 

Bebo Demographic Data



  • Only significant geographic changes come from increases in Moracco, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia
  • Searchers are slightly younger, more educated, and wealthier (more middle income than low income) now than in 2008.


Digg.com Domain Search Traffic

Digg Geographic Data 

Digg Demographic Data



  • A small increase in domain traffic searches
  • North America continues to be the center of much of this traffic.
  • Increase in lower income levels, increases in users 0-17, and increases in users with lower education levels


Facebook.com Domain Search Traffic

Facebook Geographic Data 

Facebook Demographic Data



  • Significant spike in domain searches for 2009
  • Algeria, Ethiopia, and Uraguway all experienced the largest increases.
  • Demographically, there were increases in older users, the 35-45 age group, and the 45-54 age group.


Fark.com Domain Search Traffic

Fark Geographic Data 

Fark Demographic Data

  • Chile and Russia are the only countries with a significant increase in unique users.
  • Ages 45-54 increased, as did those with some college education
  • Those with lower household incomes increased in their domain searches.


Flickr.com Domain Search Traffic

Flickr Geographic Data 

Flickr Demographic Data



  • Major increase in 2009 domain searchers
  • Increases in Central and South American countries, as well as African nations, and Russia
  • Increase in female searchers
  • Increase in younger users particularly those 0-17
  • Increase in users with less than a HS diploma and those with some college
  • Leveling off of household income (more people making $0-$24,999 and less people making $50,000-$74,999)


Flixster.com Domain Search Traffic

Flixster Geographic Data 

Flixster Demographic Data



  • Sharp increase in unique users
  • African countries and Russia have seen the most increase
  • Increase in households earning $25,000-$49,999


Friendster.com Domain Search Traffic

Friendster Geographic Data 

Friendster Demographic Data



  • Friendster searches are decreasing.
  • Significant increase in domain searches in Brazil and 45-54 year olds
  • Decreases in domain searches among all education groups
  • Increases in middle income households


Gather.com Domain Search Traffic

Gather Geographic Data 

Gather Demographic Data



  • Africa, India, and China show the greatest increases in domain searchers
  • Increases in domain searches in younger (0-17) and older (45-54) age groups
  • Large spike in visitors coming from middle income households


Habbo.com Domain Search Traffic

Habbo Geographic Data 

Habbo Demographic Data



  • Increases in domain searches in Africa and South America
  • Significant overall spike in interest
  • Increase in searches from the 45-54 year old age group
  • Increase in middle income ($50,000-$74,999) category


Hi5.com Domain Search Traffic

Hi5 Geographic Data 

Hi5 Demographic Data



  • Significant increase in domain searches
  • Most increases are in African and Russia
  • Female interest has increased.
  • Increase in domain searches among older age groups (35-44 and 45-54)


Iambored.com Domain Search Traffic

Iambored Geographic Data 

Iambored Demographic Data



  • Areas of domain search growth include Central and South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Significant increase in visits from the 45-54 age group
  • Increase in searches from among upper income brackets ($100,000-149,999)


Identi.ca Domain Search Traffic

Identi.ca Geographic Data

Identi.ca Demographic Data



  • Steady increase in domain searches since 2008.
  • Those with higher education levels have increased their domain searches.


IndianPad.com Domain Search Traffic

IndianPad Geographic Data 

IndianPad Demographic Data



  • Increased domain searches in Western Europe, Africa, and Asia (particularly China).
  • Increase in male interest and decrease in female interest
  • Major increase in searches for 25-34 age group
  • Lower household income groups are also increasing their searches


Last.fm Domain Search Traffic

Last.fm Geographic Data 

Last.fm Demographic Data



  • Search traffic increased in early 2009 and then began to decrease by the end of January.
  • Regional patterns remained the same with a few minor increases in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Younger and lower income audiences are increasing searches.


Linkedin.com Domain Search Traffic

Linkedin Geographic Data 

Linkedin Demographic Data



  • Major increase in searches
  • Much of that increase is due to continued high domain search traffic in the US and India.
  • Younger, less educated, and less wealthy audiences are increasing in their searches for linkedin.com.


Livejournal.com Domain Search Traffic

Livejournal Geographic Data 

Livejournal Demographic Data



  • Significant geographic increases in searches come from Moracco, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia
  • Searchers are slightly younger, more educated, and wealthier (more middle income than low income) now than in 2008.


Meetup.com Domain Search Traffic

Meetup Geographic Data 

Meetup Demographic Data



  • Significant increase in search interest
  • The US has higest search growth, but there are also increases in Europe and Asia.


Metafilter.com Domain Search Traffic

Metafilter Geographic Data 

Metafilter Demographic Data



  • Minor increases in traffic in Central America, Western Europe, and India
  • Searchers in 2009 are slightly older, more educated, and make more money than in 2008


Mixx.com Domain Search Traffic

Mixx Geographic Data

Mixx Demographic Data



  • Significant increases in domain searches
  • The US, Brazil, India, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, and an array of Western European countries signficiantly increased their domain searches.
  • Also, the searching population is slightly younger and has a higher income than in 2008.


Multiply.com Domain Search Traffic

Multiply Geographic Data

Multiply Demographic Data



  • Same trends continue from 2008 with minor increases in Eastern Europe
  • Increase in searchers for those with some college education
  • Shift from middle to lower income among searchers


MySpace.com Domain Search Traffic

MySpace Geographic Data

MySpace Demographic Data



  • Increase in search traffic in 2009
  • Significant increase in traffic coming from Russia
  • Virtually no demographic changes


Netlog.com Domain Search Traffic

Netlog Geographic Data

Netlog Demographic Data



  • Domain searches have greatly increased in 2009.
  • African and European countries had the greatest increases.
  • Turkey, in particular, had a huge increase in searches.
  • No significant demographic changes.


Newsvine.com Domain Search Traffic

Newsvine Geographic Data

Newsvine Demographic Data



  • Major increase in domain searches for 2009
  • The US and Western Europe had the greatest gains
  • Those searching Newsvine are younger, less educated, and make less money than in 2008.
  • Also, more females than males now search for this site.


Ning.com Domain Search Traffic

Ning Geographic Data

Ning Demographic Data



  • Ning searches continue to increase at the beginning of 2009 and then take a small dip.
  • Increases in South America, Africa, and specifically Thailand were present.
  • Increases in the 0-17 ages group, as well as those with less than a HS education
  • Decrease in female searches


Plaxo.com Domain Search Traffic

Plaxo Geographic Data

Plaxo Demographic Data



  • Significant increases in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia, and South Africa.
  • Female searches have increased.
  • Searchers have become slightly younger, less educated, and have less income.


Plurk.com Domain Search Traffic

Plurk Geographic Data

Plurk Demographic Data



  • No geographic information from last year
  • Searchers have greatly increased
  • Searches from males decreased, while searches from females increased.
  • There was a major search increase in the 35-44 age group.
  • Searchers are becoming more educated as well.


Pownce.com Domain Search Traffic

Pownce Geographic Data

Pownce Demographic Data



  • Pownce has been shut down and has closed its doors


Propeller.com Domain Search Traffic

Propeller Geographic Data

Propeller Demographic Data



  • Increases in searches from Western Europe and Southeast Asia, but largest increase is in the US.
  • Searchers are becoming slightly younger.
  • There was a significant spike in searches from households making $50,000-$74,999 annually.


Reddit.com Domain Search Traffic

Reddit Geographic Data

Reddit Demographic Data



  • Searches have increased since 2009 due to increases in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.
  • Searchers seem to be less educated now and from lower income groups.
  • A spike in searchers from those with incomes $75,000-$99,999 annually.


Reunion.com Domain Search Traffic

Reunion Geographic Data

Reunion Demographic Data



  • Major increase in searches in late 2008/early 2009, then a sharp decline right afterward.
  • Massive increase in male searchers and significant decrease in female searchers
  • Significant increase in searchers holding a Bachelors degree
  • Increase in searchers from households with lower incomes

Shoutwire.com Domain Search Traffic

ShoutwireGeographic Data

Shoutwire Demographic Data



  • Searches remained steady, with only minor increases in Malaysia and Germany.
  • Decrease in male searchers and increase in female searchers
  • High Concentration of searchers with come college education
  • Those with lower household incomes increased their searches.
  • Significant increase in the 0-17 age group.


Skyrock.com Domain Search Traffic

Skyrock Geographic Data

Skyrock Demographic Data



  • No previous graph
  • Decrease in male searchers and increase in female users
  • Increase in 0-17 and 35-44 age groups, and decrease in 25-34 age group
  • Slight increase in searchers with lower education levels.


Stumbleupon.com Domain Search Traffic

Stumbleupon Geographic Data

Stumbleupon Demographic Data



  • Increase in searches at the beginning of 2009, followed by a significant drop off
  • Regional increases were found in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
  • No significant demographics changes except that the age of the searchers seems to have increased in 2009


Teamsugar.com Domain Search Traffic

Teamsugar Geographic Data

Teamsugar Demographic Data



  • Searches are very erratic. They spike in late 2008 and then fall before evening out a bit.
  • The US remains the top searcher, but the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Australia had gains.
  • A significant increase in the 0-17 age group.
  • Increase in searchers with less than a high school education and those with some college


Tribe.com Domain Search Traffic

Tribe Geographic Data

Tribe Demographic Data



  • Searches continue to decrease.
  • Search volume increases in Eastern Europe, South America, and Russia.
  • Increase in searchers from 0-17 and those with less than a high school diploma
  • Increase in searchers from the $25,000-$49,999 and $50,000-$74,000 income brackets


Tuenti.com Domain Search Traffic

Tuenti Geographic Data

Tuenti Demographic Data



  • Increase in domain searches continues.
  • No geographic changes in searchers
  • Increase in male searches and decrease in female searches
  • Major decrease in searchers in the age groups from 35 to 54
  • Increases in searchers with some college and decreases in searches from the income bracket $0 to $24,000


Twitter.com Domain Search Traffic

Twitter Geographic Data

Twitter Demographic Data



  • Searches for Twitter continue to rise sharply.
  • Increases in Twitter searches are occuring across the board from the US, to Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Females now search for Twitter more than males.
  • Significant increase in searchers from 0-17 year olds, and thus, those with less than a high school diploma.
  • An increase in searchers in the income brackets of $25,000 to $74,999


Wayn.com Domain Search Traffic

Wayn Geographic Data


  • There is not much variation regionally with various parts of Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia increasing in their searches.

Wayn Demographic Data



Xanga.com Domain Search Traffic

Xanga Geographic Data

Xanga Demographic Data



  • There are only minor increases in such places as South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.


Yelp.com Domain Search Traffic

Yelp Geographic Data

Yelp Demographic Data



  • Domain searches increase for Yelp.com in 2009.
  • Most increases came from the US, Mexico, Turkey, Finland, and New Zealand.
  • There was an increase in searchers ages 0-17 and in searchers with at least some college or more.
  • A major increase in searchers in the income bracket $50,000-$74,999.


YouTube.com Domain Search Traffic

YouTube Geographic Data

YouTube Demographic Data


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  • Jan_B
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  • jaimelugo
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    It would also be useful if you could post a summary of all of their stats into a single overall picture.

    And, do you know if household size exists anywhere for these sites? Thanks!

  • BrianChappell
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    Thanks for the feedback jaimelugo.

    Google does not give you a way to see household sizes either. You will have to use another (paid probably) tool to get that sort of demo info.

  • craigendicott
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    Its great to get this kind of insight across so many social platforms!

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    Thanks again

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    You do realize that the data behind these graphs is bogus don’t you?

  • BrianChappell
    Posted at 15:23h, 29 January

    We pulled all the data as noted above from Google adplanner and google insight. The data is as accurate as you will find from any 3rd party source such as that.

    The problem that occurred here was a simple mistake of overwriting the image for Reunion.com with Reddits demo data. Thanks for catching this. Its been updated.

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