April Fools’ Day: Best in Class

April Fools’ Day is great if you have an affinity for pranks and letting your inner child out. Some brands know how to capture this better than others. Here is a look at the best in class of brands on social media: April Fools’ Day edition.

Mountain Dew

The concept of this video is great, even though it has been done before. Mountain Dew decided to tweak the idea of celebrities surprising fans by ending this video by surprising their celebrity spokesman, NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, with his celebrity idol. Props for taking a cool idea and making it even better.


Snapchat decided to use the holiday to throw some shade at Instagram with their own Instagram filter. Why? Bescause Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram has copied more than one idea from Snapchat over the years. To add more insult, they even included a “like” from my_mom to poke fun at their older fanbase.


Burger King

Burger King introduced a whopper toothpaste so that you can always have the whopper taste in your mouth. The video is pretty accurate in terms of capturing that sterotypical toothpaste commerical feel.

This April, nothing fools bad breath more than fresh Whopper ingredients. Introducing WHOPPER™ Toothpaste

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Netflix released Netflix Live, which is essentially a show that features Will Arnett describing everyday household items…and it’s honestly not the worst thing on television.

Reynolds Wrap

This one is great because it is actually real. You will be able to purchase Rizzo Wrap in select Chicago areas.

Tough Mudder and Nulo Pet Food

Anything that integrates puppies will usually end up high on any list. Tough Mudder and Nulo Pet Food collaborated for an adorably great video that resonates well with virtually everyone.

Google Maps

This one is just cool. There really isn’t a prank here, just a free Ms. Pacman game.


KFC Canada announced a voice-activated delivery bucket that you can use to order food.

These were just some of our favorites, share yours in the comments below! And if you need help for the next big social holiday reach out here.

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