7 New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media Marketers

Although the weather has made it feel more like spring this past week, the reality is 2016 will be here any day. This means that the time has come to once again reflect on our lives and create the infamous New Year’s resolution.

New Year's Resolutions

Okay, resolutions are not so bad considering they’re designed to incentivize self-improvement. But why should they only be applied to our personal lives? As marketers, I challenge you to take this concept a step further and apply it to your social media marketing initiatives.

To help you down this path, here are 7 New Year’s resolutions for social media marketing our team at Ignite Social Media suggests for 2016.

Put more value into social customer care.

Consumers have always been savvier than they get credit for, and their expectations from brands are only rising. They expect more than a generic response. Additionally, social platforms, like Facebook, continue to roll out features that enable brands to respond faster and make the quality of a brands’ response transparent. This is the year to seriously invest in social customer care.

-Ashlie Lanning

Stop thinking of yourself as only a creator.

This idea of only being a creator is old school marketing. Today’s great marketers are also facilitators. Think about how you can get your fans, your employees and your influencers to talk about your product. That broadens the job in a really interesting way.

-Jim Tobin

Really, REALLY think about the value your social content provides to the community it serves.

If someone immediately says “ad” when they see your content, you aren’t doing it right. Challenge yourself to participate in the channel, rather than just advertise in the channel.

-Stephanie Purinton

Remember that your job isn’t to just put content out there.

As a marketer, you have a responsibility to tell your brand’s story across its social channels and ensure that story comes to life through your content and how you engage with your audience. If you’re not telling a story, then frankly you’re just babbling.

-Azad Abbasi

Look back at your best performing content and find a way to reimagine or repurpose it for future content.

Can you break a video down into GIFs? Can you take a concept that did amazing, make a new photo and post again? You don’t want to be redundant, but use what’s worked in the past to help fill in the gaps.

-Meghan Hardy

Attribution is key.

All forms of marketing media are beginning to blend together more and more. Think about how can you show that the content you’re producing is successfully driving the consumer from the screen (desktop/mobile) to the store. Everyone wants this. No one has cracked the code.

-Chris Badders

Start integrating User Generated Content into your content mix.

This tactic isn’t anything new, but if you aren’t doing it, you’re missing an opportunity to create a more meaningful engagement with your consumer.

-Jennifer Salerno

Tell us what your New Year’s resolution is in the comments below!

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