3 Chatbots We Can Learn From

We understand that chatbots can be a little intimidating and a smidge overwhelming. The truth? These robots aren’t here to take over the world but to make it a little easier.

We’ve pulled 3 examples of chatbots that have hit it out of the park!


During F8, it was announced that Facebook Messenger would open to branded chatbots. The example that Mark Zuckerberg used was ‘1-800-Flower’. He joked that he particularly loved this example because “it’s ironic to order from 1-800-Flowers, you never have to order from 1-800-Flowers again”.

This bot specifically has two functions. It can take customer’s order bit by bit or it can let them connect with a human customer service rep at its virtual contact center. Chris McCann, president of 1-800-Flowers told Digiday that over 70% of the company’s chatbot orders have been from new customers.


Bark Box

If you’re not familiar with Bark Box, they are a curated monthly box of toys and treats for dogs and their people. They were the first to launch ‘dog bot’ over Twitter Direct Messages. You can now interact with a dog (in lieu of a human) via direct message on Twitter to get information via a series of questions. It answers frequently asked questions and helps customers find the right BarkBox for their dogs by guiding them through questions.


Whole Foods

Weekly meal prep just got a little easier! The Whole Foods chatbot allows customers to browse the store to find products as well as find receipts for an upcoming meal. Customers can select an emoji, like grapes or a banana, and then see recipes that include those products. Customers can also mix and match typing a word, selecting a cuisine and adding an emoji to the text chat. Additionally, you can select keywords and choose recipes for special diets. Happy shopping!


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