Help Wanted: Ignite Social Media Account Manager

UPDATE: This position has been filled.  We’re always happy to get resumes, however…

Looking for a chance to join America’s fastest-growing social media agency? Well, truthfully, we’re not sure 100% positive that’s us, but it just might be! (We’ve hired several people in the last month or two, so we’re not just making this stuff up.)

We have an immediate opening for an account manager. If you’re really, really (I mean, like freakishly) organized, and you worry incessantly about deadlines and keeping your promises, we need you. We’re hoping that you balance that particular character trait, however, so you don’t cross over into that whole wildly-annoying thing… that would be bad.

But we digress… (See, we need you to keep us focused…)

Read the job opening here and then send me your best cover letter and resume. Spelling counts, but you’re so organized that you knew that already…

Ignite Social Media