Jobs in Social Media Marketing: Ignite Social Media is Hiring

[UPDATE (8/9): Added Account Manager vacancy.]

Want to work in social media marketing? If so, throw your hat in the ring for one of these great new jobs. If you’re not, please retweet this or share it on Facebook anyway to help someone in your network get the hookup.

We just added a half dozen folks last month, but we still need some more. Take a look at the jobs below, find one that fits you perfectly. Then read the tips at the end of this post and apply. If you’re serious about the job and spend a little time on your application, we’ll give you a fair look. (Conversely, if you just email us your LinkedIn profile with a “Hey, hire me” note, we’re probably going to go ahead and delete your message. Just so you know…)

We anticipate that all of these jobs will operate out of our Raleigh-area headquarters, although applicants interested in working out of our Detroit-area office can apply as well.

Account Manager

This challenging role serves as a liaison between our clients and our internal teams, requiring a mix of intense organizational skills, deft people skills and the ability to manage to a timeline and budget. Please note that this position is not a sales jobs. That’s not what we mean by “Account Manager.” We’re referring to relationship management and project management, combined with traffic skills, as they apply to our work style.

We’re seeking an experienced Account Manager, with the following qualifications:

  • 1-4 years of experience in an agency setting
  • Must be able to move projects through internal agency team independently
  • Previous client contact/client relationship management experience is required
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are a must

Demonstrated understanding of digital, social or mobile marketing a significant plus. This is an immediate opening that we hope to fill soon.

Apply for the Account Manager position by emailing to this address. Please include “Account Manager” in your subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.


Think you could write this blog post better? Have experience with all sorts of copy, including ad copy, search-optimized web copy, blog posts and/or even brochures, you might be perfect for us. (Although I’m pretty confident you’ll never write a brochure working here.)  In short, we need a person who can string words together in the most compelling of ways, refill your water glass, and get back to writing great copy. Experience with content management systems (like WordPress, Radiant or similar) is key and knowledge of very basic HTML is a big plus. Basic knowledge of search engine optimization is also important. Ideal candidate will have 1-4 years experience.

For this position, we’d also love to hear from freelancers interested in the potential for ongoing project work. Either way, writing samples and potentially writing tests will be important.

Apply for Copywriter position by emailing to this address. Please include “Copywriter” in your subject line. Including a writing sample would be helpful.

Interactive Designer

The ideal interactive designer will help create the overall look and feel for a wide range of interactive communication products. You’ll help prepare rough concepts, participate in the design process and then help produce the finished piece. This role includes responsibility for building the product, including authoring the files, writing code and testing the functionality. Like most people at Ignite, you’ll be expected to work on several projects at once and meet tight deadlines, but you’ll get to work on some very cool stuff.

The ideal candidate will have between 2 and 6 years experience. Please share your portfolio with us, as well as giving us an idea of your technical chops, including languages/frameworks you work in.

Apply for Interactive Designer by emailing to this address.  Please include “Interactive Designer” in your subject line.

Flash Developer

While we refer to “Flash” in the title, we’re really interested in online motion programmers who use any number of platforms, from Flash to Silverlight to jQuery to HTML5, so please let us know about your background. From widgets to microsites, if you can make the web move at your command, let’s talk. Ideal candidate will 1-4 years experience. Please share your portfolio with us. However, if you both design and build (and do both well), the interactive designer may be right for you. If you more often program designs of others, that’s great too. You can apply for one or both positions.

Apply for Flash Developer by emailing to this address.  Please include “Flash Developer” in your subject line.

Art Director

Have you got the eye for design? Can you move from a blank canvas to a stunning concept in a few hours? Are you a Photoshop wiz? Do you have demonstrated experience in a fast-paced, performance-drive environment (like an agency), but want to work in social media with a fun team? Maybe it’s time for a switch to Ignite Social Media. The ideal candidate will have between 3 and 7 years experience and be highly proficient in Photoshop, fairly capable in Illustrator, and have some experience in InDesign (CS4).

Please send a link to your portfolio along with your application.

Apply for Art Director position by emailing to this address. Please include “Art Director” in your subject line.

Executive Assistant

Are you wildly organized, but work best as part of a team? Do you like being in the thick of it all? Please note that this is not an old-fashioned administrative assistant job. The only typing you’ll do is for yourself. We don’t file paper much. But helping with projects, keeping me organized and keeping work flowing through the agency are all part of the job. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be really busy. Coordinate calendars, arrange travel, prepare and analyze data, handle sensitive and confidential information discretely, develop presentations after initial guidance, and provide accurate answers to team members based on your detailed knowledge of what’s happening around the office.

Ideal candidate will have between 2 and 6 years experience.

Apply for Executive Assistant position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Executive Assistant” in your subject line.


We’re always on the look-out for 2-3 folks to participate in our intern program. Ideal candidates are in college or very recent college graduates. Prefer folks who can work 40-hour weeks for this 3 month program, but we have some flexibility there. Our interns learn a lot about social media and marketing while they’re here, and several have moved on to full employment with us. Immediate needs are on the account service team and the community engagement team. Since you likely have very little experience (that’s ok), a great cover letter can put you near the top of the list.

Apply for an Internship by emailing to this address.  Please include “Intern” in your subject line.

Tips on How to Apply

At Ignite Social Media, we believe it’s not only what you do, it’s how you do it. Your application is your first chance to show us your genuine interest in the position, your applicable experience and your attention to detail. Your experience matters, without a doubt, but so does effort and enthusiasm. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts, based on actual experience.


  • Try to apply via our Contact Us page. The emails above are set-up just for these jobs.
  • Send your LinkedIn link with a one liner saying, “Check it out, I’m perfect for the job.” If you don’t have time to summarize, neither do we.
  • Apply for all the jobs. If you think you can do them all, you don’t understand them very well. The exception to this would be applying for a interactive designer and either flash developer or art director. That’s fine.


  • Send your resume to the correct email address for the position you’re considering;
  • Write a short (2-4 paragraphs) cover letter explaining why you’re perfect for us. This can be in the body of your email or as a separate attachment;
  • Include a link to your bio/resume on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you should, so take this opportunity to set one up.
  • If applicable, include any relevant other info (portfolio link, etc.) that will help us see your talents. Don’t drown us, though.

That’s it. Looking forward to meeting you.

Ignite Social Media