Ignite Social Media is hiring for several new positions

Back in January, we added several people to our team (welcome Jamie, Katie, Mary, Ken and Hudson), but it looks like we need several more to accommodate continued growth from great clients. If you’re looking for work in social media marketing, please check out the positions below. If you’re not, but would consider sharing this with your networks on Twitter and/or Facebook, that would be a great help.Now  hiring

Do know that we’re wildly picky (we have no choice), but if you’ve got rock-star potential in this business, we’re ready to learn more about you. Take a look at the list below and figure out the position that fits your background and apply for it.

Whenever we post job openings, we get many “junk” responses, so we don’t consider resumes from people who don’t show a little effort or who don’t follow basic instructions. We’d like to consider yours. A customized cover letter and an attached resume or link to your LinkedIn profile would be a great start. (That’s not so hard, right?)

NOTE: The first position listed will be based in Seattle. The rest will be based out of our Raleigh, NC office.

Director, West Coast Operations

This position will be our first based out of Seattle, Washington, so we’ll need a person who can stand on their own two feet discussing sophisticated social media marketing with some of the world’s best brands. Your job will be to do face-to-face meetings with up to 15 different West Coast clients, helping develop strategies for both ongoing efforts and time-limited campaigns on and off social networks. You’ll work closely with the account managers on those accounts, ensuring no details get lost. You’ll also help with developing written plans for a wide variety of clients. The ideal candidate will have 5-10 years of experience in a brand marketing or marketing agency role, with at least 2-3 years of experience in social media marketing. Basic technical knowledge (web development, SEO) complementing the marketing experience is a major asset.

With most of us on the East Coast, you may need to get up a bit early, but we’ll rarely bug you very late, so that’s a plus. This is a great chance for a marketing pro who wants to be part of a hard-working but self-deprecating team working on some pretty fun stuff. Some travel (often up and down the West Coast, but sometimes to Raleigh) is expected.

Apply for Director, West Coast Operations position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Director, West Coast Operations” in your subject line.

Team Leader, Metrics and Monitoring

Our clients don’t tweet for the fun of it. What we do is all about business objectives. And we do that on the social web, so we have to pay attention to conversations and we have to know how our efforts are driving business results. That’s where our new head of the Metrics and Monitoring team comes in. The person in this role now is moving on to get an MBA (dang higher education…), so we need you to take over where he left off and continue to refine the position. Here’s what we need:

Required skills

  • Strong knowledge of research, data collection, statistics and data analysis techniques
  • Extensive experience with Google Analytics
  • Working knowledge of how social media can be used by businesses
  • Experience with social media analytics (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Expert Excel skills
  • Experience analyzing user flows and conversion paths
  • Conversion Optimization experience (with Google Website Optimizer or other equivalent A/B, split testing tool)
  • Basic PPC knowledge

Helpful skills

  • Experience using social media monitoring/listening tools (Radian6, Visible Technologies, Sysomos, etc)
  • Experience with some of the other site analytics tools (especially Omniture, WebTrends and CoreMetrics)
  • Basic SEO knowledge
  • Basic understanding and use of HTML
  • Experience in acquiring datasets from third parties
  • Experience working in an agency environment

We’re asking for a lot here, so if you’ve got a lot of what we’re looking for, poke your head up and let us know you’re out there. Apply for Team Leader, Metrics and Monitoring position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Team Leader, Metrics and Monitoring” in your subject line.

Monitoring and Metrics Specialist

This position will be an important part of the Monitoring and Metrics team. Daily responsibilities include reviewing online activity relative to our client brands in a variety of tools, including Radian6, Sysomos and Visible Technologies. Help track success using web analytics packages like Google Analytics and Omniture. Importantly, manage the feedback loop with client leads and engagement team leads, letting them know of important posts, milestones and social actions. Help produce and organize data for monthly client reports.

Position requires strong knowledge of Excel. Understanding of public relations and/or marketing and the judgment to understand which activities are most meaningful is key. Understanding of social media and influencer marketing is also important. This position will likely require 1-3 years experience in web marketing, SEO, PPC or related field.

Apply for Metrics and Monitoring Specialist by emailing to this address.  Please include “Metrics and Monitoring Specialist” in your subject line.

Development and Usability Specialist

Joining our development team, this person will have 2-5 years experience developing a strong understanding of web standards, plus experience in web application development, which will include experience working with various open source programming/scripting languages and relational databases, like PHP, Ruby, and MySQL. Knowledge of .NET is a plus. Experience with content management systems and web server administration is a must.

The ideal candidate will also have user interface design experience with strong understanding of usability best practices, information architecture and user experience design. Knowledge of wireframing, rapid prototyping tools is an asset, as is understanding of best practices in design relative to multi-screen (phone, PC, tablet) experiences.

As with the Metrics team leader, we’re looking for a lot here. If it’s you, it could be a great job. If you fit either part of the job (development/programming versus UI/UX, for example), please let us know where you feel your strengths lie.

Apply for Development and Usability Specialist by emailing to this address.  Please include “Development and Usability Specialist” in your subject line.

Account Coordinator(s)

Provide daily support to the rest of the account management team, serving as a liaison between our clients and our internal teams. These challenging roles require a mix of intense organizational skills, deft people skills and the ability to manage to a timeline and budget. Please note that these positions are not sales jobs. We’re referring to relationship management and project management, combined with traffic skills, as they apply to our work style. An ideal account coordinator will have:

  • At least 1 year experience in an agency setting (PR, Advertising, or SEM) preferred. Will consider project managers from non-agency backgrounds. We’ve also had success with smart, motivated, organized new graduates.
  • Traffic skills/experience preferred as position will work closely with internal agency team
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are a must
  • Ability to perform under pressure/meet deadlines

Apply for Account Coordinator position by emailing to this address. Please include “Account Coordinator” in your subject line.


We’re always looking for new interns, particularly smart, hungry generalists. Strong organizational skills, knowledge of marketing, passion for social media and the ability to follow-through on assignments are a good start. If you’ve graduated from college and haven’t yet landed that dream gig, this could be a good resume builder for you for 90 days. Perhaps you’ll even end up here full-time as some have done before you. We prefer full-time interns, but can work with people who can give at least 20 hours per week.

Apply for an Internship by emailing to this address.  Please include “Intern” in your subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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