Ignite Social Media is expanding, has multiple job openings

Looking to work in social media marketing for some of the world’s best brands? Know someone who would be perfect for it?

Ignite Social Media is hiring for a number of new positions made necessary by our continued growth. We’ve just hired a new director of strategic partnerships (more on that to come), but we’re not done. In fact, we might just need you.

UPDATE: We’ve filled several (but not all) of the positions (see updates below), but we’re always interested in knowing who we’ll hire next, so do let us know you’re out there and interested. Do know that we’re wildly picky (we have no choice), but if you’ve got rock-star potential in this business, we’re ready to learn more about you. Take a look at the list below and figure out the position that fits your background and apply for it. Just be careful to follow the do’s and don’ts at the end of the post.

NOTE: Applicants that don’t follow the guidelines given for applying will not be considered. And you’d hate to be dropped out because you can’t follow directions, right?

Community Engagement Specialist

UPDATE: The opening for this position is currently on hold. 

Join our growing engagement team and your job will be to help build conversations. This includes blogger outreach (done the Ignite way), as well as updating and managing corporate social network profiles. The successful applicant often has a PR background or degree, is a strong writer, understands human behavior on an intuitive level, can communicate professionally but with a human touch, and is a motivated self-starter that can be trusted to grasp the job requirements and move forward.

Apply for Community Engagement Specialist position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Community Engagement Specialist” in your subject line.


Our creative team is filled with great writers. They draft blog copy, tweets, Facebook status updates, pithy widget copy and much more. Yet somehow we haven’t yet filled the world’s minds and the world’s search engines with all possible combinations. So we need one more great writer. Let us know your experience, particularly with blog copywriting. Knowledge of basic HTML (just enough to make your posts look good) is required. We also sort of expect that your cover letter won’t suck.

Apply for Copywriter position by emailing to this address. Please include “Copywriter” in your subject line. Including a writing sample would be helpful. 

Junior Art Director

UPDATE: FILLED  We’re looking for a talented junior web designer to work with our senior art director as part of our creative team. Experience with web design is mandatory. You need a good eye, combined with the ability to work under agency pressure. Understanding of converting design files to CSS a big plus. Knowledge of programming frameworks is also a plus, but not required.  Be sure to include a link to, or PDF of, your portfolio with your resume.

Apply for Junior Art Director position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Junior Art Director” in your subject line.

Interactive Specialist

Joining our development team, this person will have a strong understanding of CSS, PSD conversions and basic (or even better advanced) Flash development. They should also be fluent in web standards and understand basic HTML. In short, we’re looking for someone to fill the gap between our creative team’s designs and our development team, helping to bring web designs and widget designs to life.

Apply for Interactive Specialist position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Interactive Specialist ” in your subject line.

Account Management

Provide daily support to the rest of the account management team, serving as a liaison between our clients and our internal teams. These challenging roles require a mix of intense organizational skills, deft people skills and the ability to manage to a timeline and budget. Please note that these positions are not sales jobs. That’s not what we mean by “Account Manager.”  We’re referring to relationship management and project management, combined with traffic skills, as they apply to our work style. Apply for either the Account Coordinator or Account Manager position based on the job description that best aligns with your experience

Account Coordinator UPDATE: FILLED

  • At least 1 year experience in an agency setting (PR, Advertising, or SEM) preferred. Will consider project managers from non-agency backgrounds
  • Traffic skills/experience preferred as position will work closely with internal agency team
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are a must
  • Ability to perform under pressure/meet deadlines

Account Manager UPDATE: FILLED

  • 1-4 years of experience in an agency setting
  • Must be able to move projects through internal agency team independently
  • Previous client contact/client relationship management experience is required
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are a must

Apply for an Account Coordinator/Manager position by emailing to this address.  Please include “Account Coordinator” or “Account Manager” in your subject line.

Interns (2-3)

UPDATE: FILLED (But always looking for our next round of interns) When I was in college, and shortly thereafter, I just knew I wanted to work in an agency, but I didn’t know exactly what the jobs were. So I understand. We need some great interns to round out the team. One intern will have a good knowledge of Flash development to help our multimedia team. For the others, we need smart, hungry generalists. Strong organizational skills, knowledge of marketing, passion for social media and the ability to follow-through on assignments are a good start. If you’ve graduated from college and haven’t yet landed that dream gig, this could be a good resume builder for you for 90 days. Perhaps you’ll even end up here full-time as some have done before you. We prefer full-time interns, but can work with people who can give at least 20 hours per week.

Apply for an Internship by emailing to this address.  Please include “Intern” in your subject line.

How to Apply

Here’s what you should, and should not, do to land one of these positions.

Don’t (based on actual experiences):

  •     Try to apply via our Contact Us page. The emails above are set-up just for these jobs.
  •     Send your LinkedIn link with a one liner saying, “Check it out, I’m perfect for the job.” If you don’t have time to summarize, neither do we.
  •     Apply for all the jobs. If you think you can do them all, you don’t understand them very well. The exception to this would be applying for an entry level position and an internship. That’s fine.


  •     Send your resume to the correct email address for the position you’re considering;
  •     Write a short (2-4 paragraphs) cover letter explaining why you’re perfect for us. This can be in the body of your email or as a separate attachment;
  •     Include a link to your bio/resume on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you should, so take this opportunity to set one up.
  •     If applicable, include any relevant other info (portfolio link, etc.) that will help us see your talents. Don’t drown us, though.

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