Ignite is Hiring!

We’re staying quite busy over here at Ignite as our client base is expanding rapidly. Because of this, we are keeping our eye out for qualified candidates that enjoy/understand social media and would be interested in joining us in our craziness.

While we have a lot of needs (ex. Jim’s need for more Facebook friends) – the following are our current highest areas of need:Now Hiring

1) Content Developers: In social media, frequent, valuable content is king. That’s why we are looking for strong writers in variety of styles and voices who could apply this talent to blogging, twittering – and many other social media applications that we may apply for our clients.

On the production side of content development, we also are looking for audio/visual producers who have talent in the filming, recording, and editing of videos and podcasts.

2) SEO/SMO Gurus – We need social media gurus who have a solid understanding of both SEO and SMO. Do you know how to leverage organic links and how to promote and optimize social media efforts to increase search results? If so, we’d like to speak.

Hey, we know job descriptions are vague – especially in the newly evolving space of social media, so if you are interested in the above possibilities please send an email cover letter and resume to jim at ignitesocialmedia.com and we’ll go from there. While a lack of formal education in social media isn’t a problem (because, really, who has it?), a lack of experience in the area either professionally or as a hobby/passion is.

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