Social Media Marketing Example #22: PINK by Victoria’s Secret

Today I will continue the 26 Social Media Marketing Examples by taking a look at some of Victoria Secret’s social media efforts. At first, I was curious (and somewhat hesitant) to research this particular brand. As a guy, no amount of online discounts, Facebook quizzes or PINK tweets could entice me to add this label to my top dresser drawer. On the other hand, I believe it is every guy’s mission in life to figure out what this spoken-of “secret” a certain “Victoria” keeps that somehow only my lady friends know. And I found out that all Miss Victoria conceals is actually an effective social media campaign…..and maybe some good deals on lingerie.

While originally browsing through the Victoria’s Secret website, I found it to be an e-commerce site with plenty of opportunities for spending a small fortune, but when it came to social interaction, the only efforts I noticed on the part of Victoria’s Secret were email sign-ups and personalized accounts for shopping their online store.  These are good ideas, but I am feeling a lack of connectedness to the brand (and no that’s not because I’m a guy).  Overall, the site is effective for purchasing items, but socially, it seems that Victoria has yet to reveal to me what she really has to hide…

In my quest to find this “secret”, I stumbled upon something called PINK.  PINK is Victoria’s Secret’s line aimed at a younger, college-aged generation of lingerie shoppers.  After a little research, it is apparent to me that the people of Victoria’s Secret know this demographic very well. I gathered from my research that the overall goal of this campaign is simple:  to drive brand awareness and sales by offering a multitude of discounts and specials through their social efforts. However, there is more to it than just that.

When I first clicked the Victoria’s Secret PINK (VS PINK)’s tab on the Victoria’s Secret Homepage, I wasn’t impressed in the least. The page resembled that of VS PINK’s (older) sister site – clickable clothing (or under-clothing) categories on the left, an ad for a push-up bra sale in the middle, and free shipping codes up top. But then I stumbled upon the “PINK Nation” button at the bottom of the screen. This unassuming link lead me directly to a highly interactive website filled with promotional videos, style guides, and shopping tips.  This is among the best examples of social interaction and target marketing I have seen from a clothing store, especially one that is so fixated on the color pink.

“PINK Nation” is an online membership club that offers shopping incentives and rewards for those who can’t get enough of all that VS PINK has to offer.  I especially enjoyed the “nominate your school” feature, which allows people to vote on their college or university for a chance to have their school represented on VS PINK merchandise.  This can be a very powerful way to connect with their target audience.  What could be more effective than linking your product to someone’s Alma Mater?  From these observations, I highly suggest VS PINK continue with this contagious form of social interaction. 



My next endeavor takes me to the VS PINK Facebook page.  Here you can view promotions, download “PINK” themed wallpapers for your computer, and join the PINK Nation. Through PINK Nation and its Facebook fan page, fans and followers can join in the discussion of why they love VS PINK products and which ones are their particular favorites.

The Facebook fan page is truly impressive.  Its 1,454,120 fans (and counting) can view videos, interesting photos, take quizzes and print coupons. The most interesting aspect of the fan page is “The Scoop” tab which allows viewers to feel more connected with the brand. The collage of colorful ads offers private shopping nights (for PINK Nation members only), sweatpant style advice, and PINK cell phone wallpapers.  Overall, the fan page is well-organized and fully enjoyable.  



VS PINK Mobile

Another way VS PINK has become integrated into the social universe is through their mobile website.  I mention this because there are only a few companies that have actually taken the time to create a fully functional, completely interactive website that is easily downloadable to a mobile device. This detailed attention to the needs of their target audience is not only impressive, but it is crucial to the company’s social marketing sustainability.


The last stop on this social media journey is the PINK by Victoria’s Secret Twitter page.  The page seems to be well-established, with over 3,000 followers and several tweets updated daily.  I would say that @TeamVSPINK knows how to draw a crowd.  They are also very good at keeping followers updated.  The two interns responsible for updates, Sarah and Caroline, have even posted pictures of themselves on the page, thus giving you the human aspect of VS PINK and making a deeper connection for the customer to the brand. I am somewhat surprised by the lack of links to coupons or store promotions. Nonetheless, I am impressed with the efforts of VS PINK to connect with their followers. 


Final Thoughts

My quest to figure out the secret of Victoria began with a lackluster effort on the part of the main brand and ended with the discovery of an awesome social media campaign, PINK!  Overall, I am quite impressed with the social media presence VS PINK has established with its efforts.  They have really taken the time to get to know their customer and engage in a two-way conversation.  Though the original Victoria’s Secret brand is targeted toward the more, shall we say “established” lingerie-wearing crowd, it seems that it could take a few social media secrets from its spunkier little sister.

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