Be Mine: How Brands Show Fans the Love on Social Media

Valentine’s Day is here, and you know what that means: champagne, chocolate, handmade valentines and 50% off candy on February 15th. That’s all fine and good, but anyone who’s not sleeping on the couch on a regular basis knows that making a relationship last means showing your spouse/partner/furbaby love all year long. The same goes for brands. Whether it’s special perks, swoon-worthy content, amazing customer service, or just making us laugh, if you give your fans what they want on social media, they’ll be smitten.

So, in the spirit of the day here’s a few valentines to the brands around the web who’ve stolen our hearts by showing their fans the love they deserve.


Birchbox, you make us feel special. Even though every beauty product lover has subscribed to your sample boxes, your generous giveaways, exclusive sample offers, and your tutorials featuring the products we just received make us feel like you created your entire Facebook page just for us.


 We can’t take our eyes off you, Michael Kors. Each time we catch a glimpse of you on Instagram, we melt. You get more and more gorgeous every day, and now that we have InstaKors, we just double tap, receive a shop-able email, and can be together forever.

michael kors

You’re always there for us, JetBlue. In stressful travel situations, bad weather, and mechanical delays, you’re just a tweet away. You keep us informed while keeping your cool, and reply so quickly it keeps us from having a total, stress-induced meltdown in the middle of the airport (most of the time).


VirginTrains, you get us out of the toughest predicaments. You come from a family with a solid reputation, and should we ever find ourselves in the bathroom of a European train sans toilet paper, we know we can count on you. Hypothetically.


Newcastle, you really know how to make us laugh. You’re oddly charming, and we love that about you. Also, when you use the word, “bollocks,” we can pretend you’re our British boyfriend with the adorable accent.


Happy Valentine’s Day, social media lovers! Don’t forget the champagne.

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