Alcohol Brands on Social Media: Meet the Winners

Succeeding in social media as an alcohol brand presents a unique set of challenges. Besides the obvious hurdle of connecting with an age-appropriate audience, alcohol brands have to stand out from an enormous crowd of category competitors who are all vying for the attention of the drinking-age population. The alcohol industry spends nearly $5 billion each year in advertising and marketing efforts, but putting money behind a promoted post doesn’t mean much if you do not have a solid, strategic approach to your social media presence. Let’s see who’s calling the shots on each platform:

Crown Royal on Facebook

Crown Royal’s success on Facebook is largely due to its fan-focused approach. While the whiskey brand recognizes the importance of relevant premium branded content, it also likes to put its fans in the spotlight and feature user generated content (UGC) nearly every week:


Requesting and using UGC is a simple but effective tactic that alcohol brands can use to build loyalty and boost engagement among fans, and it’s worked handsomely so far for Crown Royal. As a precaution, however, brands must always ensure users sharing content are of legal drinking age.

Besides UGC, Crown Royal takes it a step further as an alcohol brand on Facebook by being super responsive to its fans. Whether it’s run of the mill questions of product availability or fans expressing their love, Crown Royal is sure to respond, as seen in the examples below:


There’s no better way to build a solid, loyal following than showing fans they matter and that you’re listening to them, and Crown Royal does just that.

Jose Cuervo on Twitter

If you aren’t following Jose Cuervo on Twitter yet, you’ll thank me later. The popular tequila brand consistently delivers hilarious, relevant, and product-focused tweets that don’t feel forced or inauthentic. Achieving that sort of voice is crucial for any brand’s success on social media (unless you want to feel the wrath of @BrandsSayingBae):


Currently, Jose Cuervo is running a #WriteYourCinco promotion where Twitter users submit their own historically inaccurate version of how the celebration of Cinco de Mayo began with the hopes that their winning story will be depicted in a mural somewhere in Los Angeles. Select entries are then read by Luis Guzman in brief 60-second videos, a la the Old Spice Guy. Promotions are always an easy way to get fans excited, but getting a personal shout out on social from a famous comedian? Buen trabajo, Jose Cuervo.


Veuve Clicquot on Instagram

Visiting Veuve Clicquot’s Instagram will make you realize you’re missing out on the finer things in life—namely fancy champagne. It’s obvious that the luxury bubbly brand dedicates significant time and effort into maintaining its visually appealing account. Each piece of content looks like a work of art, with lighting, space, alignment, and color all taken into consideration:


While champagne is usually associated with brunch or big celebrations, Veuve Clicquot makes a point through its Instagram content that bubbly can be enjoyed during virtually any activity, be it a snow day stuck inside, board game night with the girls, or celebrating Carnival in Miami. Needless to say, it’s an effective strategy. Let’s get those bottles popping!

Bud Light on Vine

Though Bud Light may be severely lacking in the flavor department (and in a little common sense), the infamous college party brewski of choice makes up for it with its irresistibly fun Vine account. Bud Light played its card right by teaming up with prominent Vine comedians with huge followings like Mike Cutshall, Alphacat, The Gabbie Show, and Edwin Sanchez to produce six second videos that encompass Bud’s #UpForWhatever campaign. If Bud wants to grab the attention of the coveted millennial demographic, it understands that influencers who are willing to make complete fools of themselves on the Internet are the way to go.

Ecco Domani on Pinterest

Ecco Domani is a chic, contemporary Italian wine brand that values style, entertainment, and fashion. At least, that much is apparent by their well-curated Pinterest page. With 32 boards and over 800 pins, Ecco Domani provides inspirational quotes, summer cocktail concoctions, and recipes galore for every event or holiday imaginable. Ecco keeps its Pinterest lighthearted and fun, but what really makes its page distinctive is that the focus is not just on the product, but the activities associated with enjoying wine. Dinner parties, game nights, cozying up with a book or scrolling endlessly through Pinterest all pair nicely with a glass of merlot. Stay classy, Ecco Domani.


Are you impressed, or still on the rocks with these alcohol brands’ social media attempts? Let us know what your favorite alcohol brands on social are in the comments below.

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