5 Tips and Tricks for Social Media Buying in the New Year

With the New Year comes new clients, assignments and budgets. To make the most impact with your social media buying budget this year, here are some tips and tricks both timeless and new.

  1. Select platforms that make sense with your audience. Just because you’re able to place media on a platform doesn’t mean you should. Find out where your audience is spending time and focus on those platforms instead of spending money on a platform your audience isn’t on.
  1. Target users who would be interested in your message. Instead of trying to reach the billions of users on social media, focus on targeting users who are more likely to engage with your content. Not sure who to target? The Facebook and Twitter Audience Insights tools are a great start to learning about your current and potential fans. You can also upload customer data (email addresses, mobile phone numbers, Facebook or Twitter IDs, etc.) to reach users who have already expressed interest in your brand. To learn more about targeting users on Facebook view our article How to Find Your Target Audience on Facebook.

Media Tips

  1. Segment your targets. Create multiple targets for one piece of content instead of grouping all of your targets into one broad target. Segmenting will provide you with a better understanding at how your audience is interacting with your ad. You’ll be able to optimize toward the better performing target so that you’re able to get the most social actions while remaining efficient.
  1. Select the right ad format and objective. Choosing the right ad format and objective are key to the performance of your ad. They should both match your advertising goal. Looking to generate website traffic? Use a Facebook link-share post or a carousel post, which is a new format that lets you show 3 to 5 images and/or videos, headlines, and links in a single ad unit. For this post, be sure to select a clicks-to-website campaign objective. Selecting the correct objective ensures that you’re campaign is optimized toward your goal.

Media Tricks

  1. Stay on top of your promoted content. Unlike traditional media where you often place a buy and wait for results, social media buys require (and benefit from) constant monitoring. The social environment is always changing so if you’re looking to generate the most engagements or impressions while remaining efficient, get in the habit of keeping an eye on your campaigns and optimizing them while they run. Depending on the duration of your campaign you may need to monitor multiple times a day or every day. It may be hard to check your campaigns this frequently so try and make this task a routine part of your day.

Which social media tips and tricks do you find most helpful for your brand or business? Tell us in the comments!



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