Woopra :: Real Time Web Tracking…on ‘roids

Yeah, I know I’m late to the Woopra party, but I JUST got this thing working on my Mac. What is Woopra? It’s the latest entry in the very crowded web analytics space. Why would anyone be interested in using something other than GOOG Analytics? Well, like GOOG, Woopra is free (atleast for the time being). Unlike GOOG, Woopra offers:

  • true real time stats.
  • the ability to tag your visitors/members. Tagging through Woopra would enable you to follow your visitors around your site more efficiently. This coupled with Woopra’s event notifications, which could ping you every time a certain tagged visitor comes to your site, is pretty amazing.
  • chat functionality with site visitors. So if you are on my site, I would be able to pop up a chat window on your computer and scare the crap out of you. Nice. Woopra calls it breaking “down the barriers of the static web.” I call it genius!
  • the ability to quickly build search queries off of several data points in the system.
  • a VERY clean user interface that includes a cool stock-like ticker that gives you an interesting view of your site’s activity.
  • exporting of reports into a useful CSV file.

Woopra Web Analytics

I’m thoroughly impressed with this Woopra app and have found some useful ways to use it, including, but not limited to, freaking Brian out with random chat requests (genius! I promise not to abuse this.).

With that said, Woopra is still in beta and has set a limit as to the number of hits it will track per day—10,000. Anything above that and Woopra will cease to track your activity. Good stuff – eager to see where Woopra goes next.

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