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Three Must-Haves for a Successful Conversion Campaign

While social media channels are constantly evolving from algorithm changes to preferred content types, two things in the world of marketing remain tried and true. First, organizations want to drive product sales. Second, they want to acquire new customers. Now that social media is the second-most important channel in the customer journey, we have clients state repeatedly that they are having a hard time justifying the time and [rising] cost of social media. Everyone understands the intrinsic value of social media, yet marketers haven’t been able to find the secret sauce for driving conversions via social media.

Full Funnel Program

Over the past year, we’ve been fine tuning a program called Content That Converts™. This is a full funnel program that ties best in class content with the customer journey. We’ve run this campaign for several clients, one campaign for a fashion retailer saw a 51% increase in impressions and a 76% increase in online revenue!

Another noteworthy campaign was for the 2018 Welcome to the Water campaign for Discover Boating.  The primary purpose of the campaign was to drive referrals to boat manufacturers.


Driving Conversions via Social Media

Using our Content that Converts™ approach we drove 29% more referrals over 2017, using half the budget while lowering the cost per referral by an astounding 62%.

So, what was the secret sauce for these campaigns:

  1. The campaign set-up — everything must start with a strong foundation. The campaign goals must be outlined from the beginning and the targeting and creative must ladder up to those overall goals
  2. Great content that resonates with the target audience and compels them to act
  3. Campaign Optimization — set it and forget it doesn’t work here. You must continually optimize the content and the targeting to find the conversion sweet spot. We’re talking daily and weekly optimizations


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If you’re tired of just posting content hoping it sticks, let’s chat, I think we might be able to convert some content for you, too.

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