Is Snapchat changing their ways?

It’s been no secret that there has been a long-standing rumbling that Snapchat has lost their game. Instagram stories and Facebook stories came out fighting against the app and have excelled in bringing over traffic. That doesn’t mean that Snapchat is down for the count however, in fact they seem to be changing their ways to position their app to win back users.

They have positioned themselves as a camera versus a social media channel. Toting the features such as magic images, snipping portions of photos to turn them into stickers and a ‘mini-me’, Snapchat promises to bring the adventure. While the news isn’t “new” to most of us that have still hung on to the app, will it bring in new users or reignite others to open the app again?

Let’s go over the top line of what they have to offer.

The Camera

Yes, our phones are a camera but let’s talk about what Snapchat adds to that mix. Lenses, filters, face swapping, artwork and you can even play games using some of the filters. The photos and videos are easy to save to your camera roll and share out on other social networks should you chose, or you can go the old school route and just snap them to your friends.


Your Own Emoji

They partnered with Bitmoji a bit ago but since then they’ve stepped up the game and added some fun features. Bitmojis now show up within the camera and do a wide variety of things, dance moves, eating, racing a car. I think this is my mom’s favorite feature as I’m always abreast of what her Bitmoji is up to.


Special Effects

Who wouldn’t want to make their dog’s face a permanent sticker that can be placed anywhere? That’s one of the special effects that is just way too much fun. Want to take Fido with you everywhere or just put his face on funny things? Done and done. Want to make your sister talk like a chipmunk, done. Want to make day turn to night, done.


Diego enjoys hanging out at work as a unicorn

Snap Maps

We spoke about these before when they first came out but they are worth a mention again. Find out where your friends are with a pinch of the screen and scroll around to see what events may be happening in your area.


Group Video Chat

Using the chat feature you can add up to 16 friends at one time and have a hang out, with lenses! Start a group chat, tap the video camera icon and get the gang together. Friends invited will receive a notification to join with a lens for more fun, you can also use your voice only or simply text.


What do you think of SnapChat’s adjustments to their platform?

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